Crazy Bizaro Day

I have had the most bizarre day ever. I mean seriously.

I woke up this morning at 3:30am. I went to the bathroom like normal, was hot like normal, crawled back into bed like normal. Not normal? Not falling back asleep. I tried for about an hour to fall back in to dream land to no avail. I gave up soon after and retreated downstairs thinking the a/c might help. Did it? Absolutely not. Again, I gave up and turned on FNL. I thought maybe since I'd seen each episode so many times that I'd fall asleep. Did I? Absolutely not. Perhaps I should have put Gilmore Girls in. That ALWAYS puts me to sleep. By about 6am, I realized that I'd very soon become hungry so I brought a pot of water to boil so I could have me some goulash. SO very good in the AM. Lunch at 6am? Yes please.

Then, my semi annoying morning turned crazy. Gary and I leave the house without any keys. or car keys. We bickered for a few minutes, "are you kidding?" "No." "You're kidding, aren't you." "No sweetie, I'm not kidding." "You're kidding me." Yeah, that went on for about 2 minutes. We finally realized that nope, we were not getting back in to that house and we pulled out the spare key to the car. That rinky dinky key is annoying. I could barely start the car. I drove Gary off to work and set off to the medical center itching to call the local locksmith. I told him that we both left our brains at home. Perhaps it was my foggy brain to blame.

Then, my semi annoying crazy day turned bizaro. I had already moved past this, but we had a massive colon blow up display at the winn county fair last week. Today was the day we were to clean it. So shortly after 8am, I head over to the other parking lot to start scrubbing down this massive colon. I couldn't stop giggling.

The rest of the day went by so very darn fast. I had to race home to relock our door with our own keys and then head to the hotel by 1:30 for an interview. That was successful and then it was time for data entry. I then headed over to Albert's where we were SLAMMED the entire time we were open. Awesome because before I knew it, it was 9pm. Was I tired at this point? Not a all. Probably because I ate my weight in hershey's kisses. Besides my lunch at 6am, that was it. Also bizarre. How could I not eat all day? Beats the heck out of me.

An now, sitting here at 11:49pm, I'm still not tired. So I'll keep drinking this beer to help me fall asleep.

Crazy bizaro day!

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