I just want to blog.......

I have spent a solid half hour trying to get to this specific page on the interwebs. The connection has been so incredibly slow tonight but I was determined.


That's a bold-face lie.

At 9:30ish, I thought about blogging. I have plenty to blog about really so I thought I should get on it. But then I realized how tired I was. and lazy. So I turned off the TV and living room lights, turned on the fan in the bedroom, got in my pajamas and crawled in to bed. I opened my current book (see below) and started reading. A good two sentences in, I realized just how tired I was, how tired my eyes were. I felt like my eyes were spinning and I could barely stay concentrated on the words. Fail.


So I returned to the living room, turned the TV back on and tried to load this page. It took awhile but I am here. Finally.

Speaking of slow internet...is it weird that the connection is super slow but when I watched Project Runway on mylifetime.com, it worked with ZERO buffering. Incredible.

I now have to go because Gary just got home. Here is a taste of what is to come:

Project Baby Quilt {5, 6, 7}
Pinteresting {1, 2}
What's for Dinner {1}
First Friday {4, technically 5}/Labor Day Weekend.

I am so excited :)


Productivity sure makes me smile :)

Today has been such a great day. First off, I got off work at noon. Can't beat that. Second, I have had the most productive afternoon in years! That's probably an exaggeration but who cares. When I got home, I ate lunch and then set off to Southdale Center to go shopping. I had coupons for Express (Gary) and Loft (me). Gary has NO IDEA but I got him four new button-up shirts and 3 new ties. I can't wait for him to come home and find them in his closet. Not only are they new, but I saved mucho dollas. It was buy one get one free and then I had coupons to save $40 and then 30% on one item. Heck yes. I then went over to Loft and purchased a couple long-sleeved shirts and cardigans, all of which were on super sale. Lovely.

My one downer for the afternoon was that I forgot to bring my Crate and Barrel gift cards with me. I was going to pick up most of the rest of our registry today but guess not. Oh wells.

I then went to Rainbow because I had found some coupons that would get me some Monopoly tickets. I am so close to winning that I NEEEEEEDED to get a few to make sure I won something. Not only did I get a few, I got..................46 tickets. If I don't win something with 46 tickets, I might cry. I smiled the entire way home from the grocery store.

When I got home I hung up all of the new clothing, cleaned up the bedroom, tidied up the living room, compiled all the garbage that I hope Gary will help me take out later, washed the dishes and am now making dinner. And the air is on. I'm not even close to being hot. That makes my day even better.

I will now proceed to open those 46 tickets. I'll report on that later.


I wasted an entire hour to find out that I didn't win anything. Lame.


Project Baby Quilt {4}

I surprised myself by working on the quilt yesterday. Reason #1: I didn't feel up to it earlier in the day so I just assumed I wouldn't. Somehow, I mustered up some desire to work on it. Reason #2: Not only did I work on the quilt, I worked on it for over 2 hours! I just didn't want to stop. I feel really good about the progress I'm making. The rate I'm going, the top will be finished in no time!

ps: I realized yesterday that in all of the Project Baby Quilt photos, I am wearing very similar, if not the same clothing. Yes, I have been in the pajamas for what seems like all day every day for a couple of weeks but I am proud to say that I HAVE showered every single day. That counts for something, right? Oooooh well. I at least changed my pants for this blog's photos :)


Project Baby Quilt {3}

After some pinteresting and gilmore girling, I decided it was again time to work on project baby quilt. I am excited to say that I have completed step 3 (I skipped step 2 because it involves cutting. I'll do that next time.) I had Gary capture some photos and he did such a good job. I even look half-way decent. In other news, we got three cards for Emma today. We weren't expecting any so it was such a nice surprise. It still hurts to know why we got the cards but the thoughts behind them are greatly appreciated. One was from a friend of ours - they donated a tribute of 15 trees to the Seminole State Forest in honor of Emma. That is so sweet. Gary and I will have to go visit someday.

Here are the photos!


Project Baby Quilt {2}

Today I finally mustered up the courage to do something. By doing something, I mean something besides laying down watching Gilmore Girls or playing sudoku, both of which are quite soothing :). The past few days have been really tough but I have yet to cry or feel especially sad. It's a good day. Even better,a slight bit of motivation has returned to me so I picked up my messes in the bedroom, made a brand new to-do list and started Emma's baby quilt.

It.is.going.to.be.sooooo.cute. Emma would have loved it!

Today's tasks? Ironing, cutting and a few minutes of sewing. I have always been a little nervous to cut fabric so mom helped me do that part. Thanks mom :)

Here are a few pictures of the progress:

...until next time...


Project Baby Quilt {1}

I had a few to-do items on my list this weekend. My list is actually 2-3 pages long but that's besides the point. Despite the rocky news from the doctor's appointment just the day before, we set off to complete some of those tasks. Besides boring stuff like going toilet-tree and grocery shopping, we actually did get some major tasks completed. Exciting, right?

Major Task 1: NEW PHONES! it's a bummer that there is yet another expense, but welcome to adulthood, Vanessa. Gary and I bought t-mobile plans and got the galaxy s 4g something or other. besides my internet not working, I love it. I've been bumming Gary's because he downloaded sudoku. Yes please. Luckily, t-mobile will replace phones within 14 days no questions asked but I'm pretty sure they'd replace it anyway because it wasn't my fault. Oh well. I am excited to use it the way it's supposed to work. I had internet on my last phone but it looks like the 4g models are better equipped for internet. and the camera - 8 megapixels. woah.

Major Task 2: Project Baby Quilt commenced. Mom and I set off to some quilt shop in Minneapolis to buy some fabric and such. Someone forgot to tell us that there was some huge art festival going on near the store so we ended up having to park 3-4 blocks again. But hey, it's exercise right? I suppose that's okay. The store was also packed with customers but that didn't stop me. I found an adorable quilt pattern and set off to find the necessary fabrics for a baby-sized quilt. Below are my findings :)

Quilt pattern.

Color blocks :)



and the best part?

the BACK!

I'm a girl!

Gary and I had our first ultrasound last Thursday. Yes, there was some sad news but that's not why I'm blogging. I'm blogging because there is a sweet little munchkin in there, a sweet little girl to be exact. Apparently, three lines means "it" is a "she". Cute :) We've pretty much decided that her name is Emma but we haven't figured out a middle name yet. Emma Wiest. even more cute. Here are some sonograms from the ultrasound:

Profile of her face :)

Another profile, her mouth is closed in this one.

four fingers! Her hands were moving all over the place but don't worry, she's got five :)

A bicep. Little Emma is STRONG.

A foot. Her adorable feet measure 3.95cm.

A 3D picture of her face. Her arm is up near her face on the right side.

Emma is adorable. Hands down.