In anticipation....

I foresee stress for this summer.  I am up for the challenge, but know that I will need to do certain things that will keep me sane.  I plan to exercise as much as I can even if it's a simple walk around campus as well as eating more nutrious meals.  It would probably help to eat some fruit, right?  I always joke that I will get scurvy, but honestly, I need to eat better.

Conveniently so, as I browsed the MSN homepage as I always do, I came upon "11 Instant Soothers for High-Stress Times."  How appropriate.  The link is below for all of you who also need a course of action to stress less.


On tap for tonight: BIGGEST LOSER FINALE!!! Get excited. woot.


I'm a big kid now!

It's crazy to think how fast this year has gone.  I remember driving to Chicago on Monday, January 25th like it was yesterday.  We were driving through the city looking for the Hotel, but kept turning on the wrong street and of course I started worrying about arriving late.  And then I got really upset knowing that I'd have to leave Gary. Fast forward over 100 days and I'm back.  It's just so crazy!

I moved back to Decorah May 6 after a wonderful lunch with the ATHENA staff.  Oh how I miss them.  I had so much fun (I mean I worked a lot ;)) while I was there and I really miss working with everyone.  The only reason why I am not sad is because I jumped RIGHT back into my usual routine of working and then working some more. I don't, however, miss living in Chicago.  I spent so much money on silly things!  I have a wedding to save for! Oh and then I need to save for an apartment and start paying off my loans....Bummer.

Since I've been back I have worked a lot at the Hotel Winn.  I am a little nervous to be an event manager because it's such a big responsibility, but I am up for the challenge.  Funny thing is, my first solo supervising shift just so happens to be for the Governor of Iowa.  Let's hope I don't screw anything up!

As far as the wedding goes, there are some fun updates :) First, I booked my photographer!!!!  Sackett Photography for March 26, 2011.  Perhaps you can tell what is most important to me ;)  My goal for the rest of May is to book the reception and ceremony sites.  And instead of having a dinner/dance, we will now have an earlier ceremony and have a luncheon.  I see no need in spending lots of money on big meals (with most of it wasted because it's too much) and a dance/alcohol when I would much rather have the night to myself and Gary.  I can still make a luncheon classy and respectable.  Now I just need to get the Hotel Winn on board...

Oh and I graduate from college in 5 days.  That's kind of a big deal....