Jack {2 Years!}

It feels a tiny bit strange to say that Jack is a 2-year-old. The past two years have been a whirlwind of activity and change so it honestly feels like we've gone through at least three or four years, not just two! Luckily for us, we have a cool and calm little dude that is as sweet as can be.

When Jack was born, I remember thinking he was so snugly and goofy.

He'd rather give me goofy grins than drink from his bottle in the morning.

He liked to sleep on our chests if he woke up from naps. This hasn't changed a bit. Jack loves to sit very close to us and have our arms around him or just sitting directly on our laps. He'll get a little frustrated if you don't let him do either of those things. When he's upset or has an owie , Jack will also come running so he can get a hug or some snuggles to make him feel better.  And when he's feeling a bit goofy, Jack loves to make you laugh along with him.

Oh and he loves to give kisses and cheesy smiles. He's going to be a little heart breaker!

Unfortunately, it feels like Jack has been sick since the last week of December. This kid can't catch a break! Rashes, viral infection after viral infection, eczema and fevers. Good grief. On top of that, he seems to be teething too. The last teeth to come in are his second molars. Ouch! Thankfully, I feel like we are finally on the upswing with the sicknesses so let's hope that continues!

That being said, doctor visits are so easy with this kid which is a radically different experience than with his older brother. Jack had a suspicious rash pop up so we rescheduled his 2-year appointment at the end of February to a day earlier and with a different doctor. That didn't phase Jack one bit. He isn't ever afraid and just let's them poke and prod all they want. Even his finger prick for lab work didn't phase him at all. It took longer only because he was "too" calm! It's kinda nice though there are times I wonder if he doesn't feel pain....must have a high pain threshold...

Jack can be a bit cautious sometimes. Though he was totally fine last year, Jack ended up being a bit shy and nervous around Santa. It was pretty cute. He isn't normally afraid of much so this was funny to see. He had no issues showing Mrs. Claus his belly though!

Meal times are still pretty interesting these days. We seem to battle a lot with throwing their silverware and then sometimes their plates if we aren't paying attention. Jack will also just throw his food on the floor. Now that's just annoying! Don't ask me how clean our floors are....because they aren't! One cute thing he does is lift his teeny tiny pinky finger when drinking something. Oh so adorable!

Things Jack Loves
saying "I love you" and pointing
getting water poured over his head during bath time
going on walks
sitting on the potty
reading books about cars or trucks
watching movies (Frozen, Secret Life of Pets, Zootopia were on repeat throughout the winter!)
giving high fives and knucks
pointing at birds
looking out our windows
string cheese
smiling for the camera

Now for my favorite part - Jack's Stats! I knew Jack was growing because he was eating soooooo much but I wasn't prepared for how much he'd gain! Still lacking in the height department though. Sorry, bud.

2-Year Appointment (2/22/2017)
Weight: 27.5 lb
Height: 31.75 in
18-Month Appointment (9/9/2016)
Weight: 22.5 lb
Height: 30.5 in

15-Month Appointment (6/14/2016)
Weight: 23 lb
Height: 30 in

12-Month Appointment (3/7/2016)
Weight: 19 lb 15 oz
Height: 29.5 in