a walk down memory lane

Long ago I had a myspace account where I also kept a blog.  I deleted it a few years ago but found a link to my blog so I quickly snatched up what I could of my previous blog.  Sadly it was only a few postings but here are the ones I was able to find.  They are kiiiiiinda funny :)


Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:15am

as cheesy as it sounds....I'M SO IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! Elf is such a great movie and to quote this line is a necessity.

My boyfriend is at work. I've been a bum watching TV since 7pm. And looking at engagement rings. (no no no, we are not engaged and have no plans...yet)

July 14th is such a special day to me, but honestly I cannot remember another time in my life where i have been so happy. ALL THE TIME. sure i have my ups and downs. Im a girl for crying out loud. I cry like nobody's business. and theres my spastic roomie who annoys the SHITS out of me. But i have this special guy who is always there for me. He is the most important person in my life and i cannot wait to marry him.

the end.


Thursday, August 9, 2007 9:23am
i made the perfect pancakes!
Current mood: sleepy

i sometimes get this urge to make pancakes. i did yesterday, but i normally make really horrible pancakes so i decided Not to make any. fast forward to about 14 hours later and here i want pancakes again. soooooooo i find my most favorite syrup, Karo, and the pancake mix....and wala!! i make the most perfect 2 pancakes. sad day though because i forgot that i get sick of pancakes before i even finish the first one.

anyone want my extra pancake?


Wednesday, August 1, 2007 12:57pm
im just a little behind..
Current mood: giggly

im now FINALLY getting into friends. yes, i know. it's like over and all that....but goooood lord it's hilarious!
better late than never right?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007 6:24pm
it's just a typical love story
Current mood: flirty

woot for Christmas in July.
will there be a christmas tree? yes
will there be hot chocolate? yes

will there be drinkage? yes....

should vanessa be walking back to her room alone? probably not ;-)


Sunday, July 15, 2007 7:57pm
Mom Freakout at Luther College
Current mood: aggravated

Levon. Mueller. Call. Your. Estranged. Mother. ASAP. Otherwise. She. Will. Continue. To. Call. Luder. College. Yelling. At. Me. About. Her. Son. Not. Making. It. To. Wrestling. Camp. Safely. Because. He. Had. To. Travel. A. Long. Distance. And. He. Could. Be. Stuck. Alongside. The. Road. Somewhere. Even. After. I. Have. Told. Her. REPEATEDLY. That. He. Has. Checked. In. And. The. Sports. Camps. Coordinators. Have. The. Message. In. Their. Hands. And. Are. Giving. Him. The. Message. AS. WE. SPEAK. So. Just. Step. Off. Already. Or. Get. Your. Son. A. GODDAMN. Cell. Phone.

That woman scares me...


Sunday, July 08, 2007 4:41pm
go meat!
Current mood: still tired

so im watching tv right now and i have to share this:
that dumb hillshire farm meat something or other commercial makes me giggle.


Sunday, July 8, 2007 4:02pm
I believe once your heart's involved it all comes out in moron
Current mood: tired

college doesnt allow knives. i fully stand by that rule, but it's awfully annoying when im trying to cook something that requires cutting like chicken, garlic, or cutting up a tomato. hoooowever......i think i found a suitable solution: a PIZZA CUTTER!!!

1. a pizza cutter doesnt scare me as much as a huge knife does.
2. a pizza cutter is cooler.
3. a pizza cutter probably wont chop of my precious little fingers.
4. did i mention a pizza cutter is cooler?
5. works just as good as a scary knife.
i know...good idea right?!?! :)


Thursday, July 5, 2007 3:36pm
dont tell mom the babysitter's dead
Current mood: amused

Today is my day off. granted i have had the past 3 days off, this by far has been the best. I spent the first two days off with jon jon. he's a friend from college. we went to my sister's CI performance in new hampton, drank some uv blue, called people, watched taking lives, ate cinnamon roles and pizza, and went to walmart for an adventure. Much fun :) Yesterday i headed down to belle plaine to visit gangles, another friend from college that is going to a different college, and pardon me while i go cry for a second. I was out in the sun for about 5 hours without sunscreen yet i did NOT get burned. woot. that made my life. But today.....today was....has been....and will continue to be.....the best day off ever.
I slept in til 11. am. niiiiice. I got dressed without taking a shower and i still look pretty decent. niiiiice. i went to walmart to buy some food and movies. cheap movies. niiiice. i made goulash (i am now overfully full....not so nice). Those cheap movies have also made my life. dont tell mom the babysitter's dead is a classic!! I used to watch that movie all the time when it was on tv way back when. then i made deviled eggs because they are soooo good. you've got mail is now playing and i have a date with all my female coworkers to have little slumber party in 4th center of Farwell. we'll be pulling all the mattresses out of the rooms, watching little mermaid i believe and people will bring food. I will be making a cake :). so niiiiice. oh and i forgot. big brother starts tonight! what a fantastic day

oooh and ive been drinking soooo much water today. this means that Vanessa is hydrated!!! woot.


Saturday, June 23, 2007 6:32pm
i'll have an order of wink-winkers
Current mood: cynical

I thought of a really amusing thing to say in a blog earlier, but all i can remember of that little conversation in my head was the fact that i found my perfectly normal functioning phone charger in my garbage. how it got there, we will never know.

Makes me wonder about myself sometimes....


Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:58pm
rule #1: no squishing during the movie

Current mood: sleepy

soooooo vanessa was super hungry for the last 3 some hours of her work shift. this resulted in the following survey taking. enjoy. and then go eat something. like peas. and then i also watched more gilmore girls. be sure to watch season 4, disc 2, episode 1. i about peed myself laughing :)

Food and Drink and What You Think
EITHER/OR--Pick One:

McDonald's/Burger King/In-n-Out: homecooked please
Mountain Dew/Sierra Mist/Sprite: ew
Dasani/Aquafina/Evian: aquafina
Trident/Dentyne/Crest: crest
Almond/Peanut/Cashew: peanut butter
Dark Chocolate/Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate: milk chocolate all the way
Sobe/Gatorade/Powerade: give me some H2O
Lays/Ruffles/Pringles: pringles
Toast/English Muffin/Croissant: toast, but thats very rare. i eat too much pasta to eat toast

What will you absolutely forever refuse to eat?: id have to go with onions. i love the taste, but the texture and the whole biting through onions really gets to me. ive been trying for years to eat those damn things

The most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?: mushrooms/cream of mushroom. makes me gag just thinking about it

The longest you've gone without food or drink?: a day at most? i dont do well without food

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy? Which one(s) you like?: im always in the mood for salty. sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy as well

Do you watch cooking or food shows?: all the time. top chef, rachael ray, take home chef.
Do you know how to cook?: ive got a few skills
When did you learn how to cook? If you haven't learned, would you like to?: i learned how to make pasta LOOOOOOONG ago. im guessing late elementary school
What did you last eat for breakfast?: 2 bananas and a couple glasses of water.
What did you last eat for lunch?: Tomato Basil Raviolini soup. sooooo good
What did you last eat for dinner?: chicken noodle. the caf was super gross today
Or do you not follow those silly meal patterns?: i do. and then some on occasion. im a hungry girl
Would you rather eat alone, with strangers, or with friends and family?: definitely with friends and family. i love laughing at meals and thats really awkward with myself or strangers :)
Would you say you have good table manners?: for the most part. i chew with my mouth closed. that good enough?
If you have pets, do they ever get table scraps?: i dont have pets. but id say that they probably would. wasting food is bad news
Ever eaten dog/cat/other animal food?: nooooo thank you
First thing you usually feel like eating when you wake up...: scrambled eggs. or pasta :) never fails
Do you chew gum? If so, how often?: not usually, but when i do have gum, i chew a lot of pieces. it's better that i dont
Health food or junk food?: both. life's too short not to eat some junk food every once in awhile
Organic or not?: weeellll i prefer not having nasty looking spots on my food, but organic just seems like a good thing to do
Are you vegetarian?: never ever.
At this point in time, what is the one thing you wish to eat?: velvetta macaroni.

Vegetable of the Year?: peas.


Some things never change :)


I just about burnt the house down!

I was boiling water for some spaghetti but accidentally turned the dial to the wrong burner. The wrong burner had a pot of cooked potatoes (w/ no water) on it. I was busy copying recipes so I waited a bit longer than necessary to go check on it. By the time I got there, they had already fixed it..... No worries, the potatoes are safe but the pot it was in is a little burned. MY BAD!

Random thought: What is with the plaid attire at country concerts? I don't get it...



I. am. in. love. with. Parenthood.

This is the best show I've ever seen. Yes, better than gilmore girls, greys, and all the other shows I can't think of at the moment. It's awesome.

I've been watching it since I got home from work last night (no, I didn't succumb to the blizzard though Gary almost did [who's the better driver now........ ;)]) and I am already on episode 5.

Though I am completely fine with having all sisters, I'm kiiiinda living vicariously through the show because there are 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

On another note, I can't believe I am battling this type of cold. I am so over sitting next to a box of kleenex so that I can catch ever sneeze and blow as hard as I can. It's disgusting :) Oh and I really don't appreciate not having a sense of taste. Where did it go? After months of going without, I finally made some of my special chocolatey-peanut buttery-with-a-touch-of-butter dessert and I couldn't even taste it. What a letdown!

Oh well.


Straight from weather.com -->


I'm not liking the sound of this. Especially since I have to work a wedding from 1pm-6pm and then a holiday party from 5pm-midnight AND reset for an event on Monday. Oh boy. Let's hope the holiday party cancels. My life would be so much easier!

Good thing I live less than 2 miles away :)

(but still!!)


not again

Unfortunately I have yet again obtained a sore throat. This will likely turn into something more. Bummer! This is the second time in less than 2 months. Weird, considering I don't get more than a few colds a year, if that. I blame it on my attitude. Miss-crabby-pants needs to back off and just be calm, enjoy life and eat right and all will be well.

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling well one bit. Gary was up early for homework (oh how I don't miss doing that :)) but I was up right with him due to some stomach pains. It was 6:22am. We went to bed at 1am? maybe 1:30am? Not good! It progressed a little more until I finally fell back asleep for another hour. After the nap it was smoooooooth sailing. It was such a nice relaxing day (as long as I kept myself fed!) I also drank like a fish which is always good. All and all it was a great day.

Before I go, I must report that today is Tuesday. That means biggest loser and parenthood. Let's hope the day doesn't end in disappointment like it did last week :)


Best day ever

Due to our lives not being completely figured out past May 2011, I occasionally (meaning all the time) look at various job sites. One of them is the LSM website. I get a little nervous, just hoping that something of interest will pop up. Today it happened...

I have very fond memories of this particular program. I was a student for three summers and to be honest, they were the best summers I have so far experienced. I had really fun friends and I came into my own while attending. I became less shy and figured out that yes, I love music, but that I had other hobbies that I needed to pursue (like the leadership positions I took on in college) Thankfully the program came back to Luther while I was working Summer Housing. The nostalgia just hasn't left since the program ended this past July. Oh and then of course this is where I met Gary too :)

Annnyway, the position that has opened up is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I'm sure that a lot of people will apply for the position but I sure hope I am qualified enough to make it through. I would absolutely LOVE to work with the national staff on a daily basis.

Now I just need to update my resume and cover letter :) Wish me luck.



I remember when I started this blog that there was a blog about snow. It wasn't the first but there certainly was a blog about snow. How strange that a whole year has gone by already. A lot has happened since then like getting engaged, living in Chicago, graduating, working non-stop, hardly working, reading....I'm starting to get really really excited to see what happens this next year. Marriage, moving, jobs....it's going to be exciting.

in other news, Gary and I bought our adorable invites the other day. I've gotten the proof and it's now in production! It took them a little longer to get the proof to us so they've upgraded our order to two-day shipping. SWEETTT.

secondly, i was still feeling really lost without my weekly episode of parenthood so i.......bought....the....first.....season. On dvd. :)

lastly, i got to babysit two of the cutest little cuties on wednesday and i will again tonight. it's strange because I haven't babysit in a long time but i feel like it's going to be really great for me. It'll get me out of the house for one. i still need to learn how to keep both occupied and having fun but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.


Red Lobster!

I am so pleased to announce that my very own Gary Spice has graduated from scared-afraid-to-cook baby to ok-this-isn't-so bad toddler that just figured out he had a voice. He has really grown to like the chicken (or shrimp) with garlic, olive oil and pasta that he can even make it himself. However, he got a bit adventurous. How he mustered up the courage to do so, I have not a clue. To this recipe, he added...........soy sauce! And if I do say so myself, it was quite tasty. Good job, sweetie!

On another note, today was a sucky day. Actually it was perfectly fine but Parenthood wasn't on tonight and I didn't realize until 6pm. It was quite a letdown. :(

Peace out.


life will knock you down more than you can imagine. don't knock yourself down

Thank goodness for pumpkin pie. I dislike how I only have this ONCE every year. This will change in 2011 :) Gary, we are going to make pumpkin pie til it comes out our ears. Get excited.

Thanksgiving 2010 was a success and my favorite that I can remember. Mom made some really good food this year and I was quite satisfied all day on one meal (& constant nibbling)....until midnight that is :) Gary and I watched Home Alone while enjoying some Velvettttttta mac & cheese. YUM! Oh and mom's pumpkin pie? DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also played a lot of games which was really fun. Yes, the first game got everyone a little heated but hey, it was the first time for 5 of us. Next time will be better.

Though it's now after Thanksgiving I might as well say what I am thankful for (in no particular order)

Gary Spice - I am so lucky to have him in my life and though I annoy him & vis/versa basically all the time, we are going to have the best life ever. I'm excited to get married and move away and start new jobs and have babies....It's going to be great.

Noodles - I'm not fat nor will noodles ever make me fat. :)

Hunter & Chloe - I'm not the biggest fan of their kind buuuuuutttttt they make sunny and dreary days alike so much better. they are sweet and fun and adorable. Speaking of....Here comes Chloe! I am not thankful that they bark so much or beg at my feet whenever I eat.

Fareway - I LOVE to buy from Fareway. Best grocery store ever (except they don't carry everything I want)

Michael Connelly - He has kept me quite busy and less unhappy which is always good. I am 4 books down so far.

Job security - I still have a job and will start babysitting for the Thompson's this week. I need to remember this when I start hating my job again. Right now I'm good :)

TV - I love watching TV. I can't help it. Channels 2,7,9,26, 29, 36, 45, 46, 49, 57, 64...I love thee.

Family - I've got the best family around. I wish I could see everyone more often. This is one of the biggest reasons I need a vehicle.

My legs - I can walk. I can at least do this when I can't drive.

Money - though I don't have a lot, I have enough to pay my bills and go out to eat occasionally :) Next year I will say that I am thankful for learning how to better save my dollas...

etc, etc. There are so many other things I can be thankful for but I am hitting a wall.


have a donut, don't say no.

Gary's sleeping.

I'm working on fun excel stuff.

That stupid fashion show on Bravo is on.

I turned on Pandora.

I was greeted by a song I LOVE but haven't heard in awhile.

All the Above. Maino.

Loves it.


Fast forward to 2 seconds later.

I had 2 tabs going on my internet window.

Instead of getting out of my blog back to my email, I got out of Pandora.

In the middle of the fabulous song.

Oops :)


The Biggest Loser

I completely forgot the single biggest happening that has occurred this past week.

Paying off my loan.

GOOD THING I decided to start paying it off early. Too bad "early" is not exactly how it came out to be. On paper, my first payment wasn't due until January 7, 2011. Online my first payment is due November 21, 2010. Crap! Luckily, I sent a check in more than 5-10 days in advance so my first payment will NOT BE LATE! In fact, I checked today and it was successfully received and is currently being processed. Sweet.

My loan is now a biggest loser contestant and it WILL win.


I almost forgot!

I am SOOOOOOO excited about tonight!

1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Biggest Loser
3. Parenthood, my newfound love :)
4. Michael Connelly during commercials
5. Tuna Helper.

The end.

s o g double o d good

Yes, it's been awhile. Sorry :) It's been an interesting couple of weeks with its usual ups and downs. Thank you to my sweet, sweet honey bear for bearing through it all. You are too good for me sometimes.

I successfully applied to and interviewed with and failed to obtain yet another job but you know what, I think it's finally dawned on me that perhaps the universe doesn't want me to leave Decorah just yet. So instead, when I was out making room blocks at the other hotels I asked if they were hiring. Indeed they were! I completely flopped on one of the places but oh well. I didn't want to work there anyhow. Let's just hope that I can get a part-time front desk position at the other hotel I applied to. Cross your fingers! Let's also hope that I don't completely suck at nailing the interview....

Just because I want to tell this story to freak everyone out, I have to tell you what I dreamt about yesterday. Other than weapons (I've been reading Michael Connelly so no, I'm not crazy nor am I going to kill anyone), I had a very vivid dream about our wedding day. For some reason we were all at our old house in Strawberry about to take pictures but Kendra, Andrew and our photographer weren't there. I FORGOT TO GIVE EVERYONE A DETAILED SCHEDULE!!! Oh my gosh. I really thought it was real and it was the worst day ever. However, one good thing came out of the dream: it was nice outside :)

And speaking of Michael Connelly, I took what I thought to be the first 3 books of his series back to Decorah with me. 3/4 of the way into the first book I realize they were not the first 3 books but the 6, 7 and 8th books. Damn. I am now on the 8th book and cannot wait to get back to Strawberry and take the Correct first 3 books.

Laaaastly, I have been up to no good today. I spent a good 4 hours getting rid of my food bookmarks and making a makeshift recipe book. I'm not even half way done. That is what happens when you bookmark recipes for YEARS. Oh boy. My next task will be to actually make these recipes and decipher which ones I should keep and which ones I can delete FOREVER!!!!!!!



Shutterfly Photobooks

Here are some snip-its of my sophomore yr photo books for Amanda to see:

All my school year books are 12' by 12' and my summer ones are 8x8.  Now that I'm done with school they'll all be 12x12 because I like them a little bigger.

Best part? You get to customize everything! The cover, design, wording, font, etc.  It's really too cool for school.


Snail Mail

I LOVE getting mail!  Perhaps this is why I buy so many things online.  It's an especially good day when 90% of the things I've bought in the past couple of weeks arrives on the same day!

1. Modcloth dresses
2. Bridesmaid Gifts!! (get excited!)
3. Dessy fabric swatch.  I'm loving it so I think those will be the dresses I go for.
4. Shutterfly - 4 photobooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent 1.5 hours checking my mail :) that is a good day.

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Honey Frosting

I've been craving pumpkin pie for awhile now since all the leaves have changed colors. This is a very interesting alternative...

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Honey Frosting



Vanessa: "If I were annoying enough would you leave me in the woods?"
Gary: "In the woods? Maybe not."

Energizer Bunny

More good news was received today!  I LOVE good news :)

As I was heading home from work I got online with my phone to check my email.  When I get ready in the morning I no longer get on my computer so I hadn't checked it since last night. (go me!) In my inbox was an email from a company I recently applied to.  YEAH!  It's an event coordinator position too!  They want to schedule a phone interview so thankfully I made it past the first test.  I was so damn excited that I squealed for at least a minute and walked like a speed demon.  Normally it takes me right around 25-30 minutes to get to work, but I made it home in 17 because I was so excited.


best. idea. ever.

I've got to try this!

I have a new love

Sorry Ann Taylor Loft, move over.  ModCloth dresses are better.  I have absolutely fallen in love.  Gary is aware.  :)

Here are a few of my recent purchases:

Mr. Chiropracter, where are you?

You can tell it's time to get a tune-up when from my lower left back down to my left heel it huuuuurts.  Nothing else in my body is sore or in a bit of pain but my left leg.  The whole thing.  I need to get my back put back into it's proper place and also to see if I need to adjust my shoulder again.  It's gotten better since having it done last year but I can tell it's pulling again.  I haven't been to the chiropractor in a year so I think I've waited long enough.  And now that I have more time coming my way I can actually schedule something! Exciting.

In other news, my mother called today with some great news. I have been ooooing and aaaaaawwwwing over this adorable budding family for years and have always thought how awesome it'd be to babysit. Yes, I'm talking about the Thompson's.  They are just so darn cute!  Not to mention she used to give me piano & voice lessons so it'd be so nice to turn the tables.  The only downfall is that I don't have a vehicle and my hotel schedule is not as planned as other jobs.  We'll just have to see.  I have to contact her tomorrow to see if it will even work too.  Let's hope :)

pppeeeaaaaccceee out.



Candy corn cake wedges recipe


Since about 5pm tonight I've been working on my junior year photo book.  Granted I didn't get very far plus having fed the puppies, made dinner, washed dishes, taken a shower & read the Life's a Journal blog for an hour......the session timed out before I had a chance to save it. Balls.  I give up.  For tonight anyway.

What should I do now?  I'm going to look at IKEA and also try to find a stamppad for something I'm thinking to do for my ceremony/menu cards.  I'll report back with any findings.

"Vanilla Sky"

Yet another recipe



Beat the Heat


I ordered a super adorable dress from ModCloth at 9pm on October 12th.  The VERY NEXT DAY, I got an email saying it had been shipped and it's running on schedule.  Meaning?  It will be here tomorrow, October 15th.  Did I mention it traveled all the way from Pittsburg?  Woah.  Now that is impressive.

What else did I buy this past week?  Oh you know, four photobooks (from freshmen & sophomore year [FINALLY]) and a wedding dress.

Yes.  I bought my wedding dress.  I have never seen it in person and have no idea if I ordered the right size, but it felt right.  Kinda like when I bought my prom dress online without ever trying it on or seeing it.  It fit p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y!  I'm hoping it will work out that nicely with this dress too.  It's short and sweet and is going to go SO well with the the theme I have in my head.  Hopefully I can make it all come to life :)

On another note, I am of the proclaimed stalker type and have been noticing something missing in my life based on the stalked.  I'm a quirky girl but I don't act very quirky anymore.  I need to get out more and do quirky stuff.  I think that is the missing link here.  I get so bogged down with work and wanting to be a pile that I never do what truly satisfies me.  Though I need to save monies so I need to find quirky things to do for free.  Any suggestions?  (ps:  the person I'm stalking at the moment has an adorable blog going and has THE cutest engagement photos up.  Here some of her pictures.  I'm in love with the colors and lighting!)

pss: she is going to have her blog featured in mspweddings.com.  I'm excited to see more of her blogs and ideas.


I've been reading Lunch in Paris for about 7 months now.  I just want to finish it already!   I really enjoy the book but for some reason it's taking me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to finish it.

One paragraph, though, stuck out.  I feel like it is exactly what I am going through right now and is the reason why I am so unhappy and discontented in my current place in life.

"Here it was, right on schedule: my mini existential crisis.  Yes, the writing was still coming in dribs and drabs.  But it was so slow.  Yup, the tours were great.  I felt like I was doing something really valuable - sharing the love of museums my father had given me.  But it wasn't mine.  Once again, I was a charming cog in someone else's wheel.  I was once again forced to confront (with the accompanying self-loathing) the fact that I had the goods, but not the discipline or perseverance to create something for myself.  How could anyone so ambitious be so inert?"

I came home from work yesterday truly upset.  I just wanted to cry.  The communication is simply not there which is causing so many problems.  And then the drama.  Dear god, just go away.  I felt so uncomfortable that someone even commented on my fidgety nature.  I do really love working in hospitality but when the workers behind the scenes are not hospitable to eachother, how can we provide our best services to our clients/guests?  It can't work like that.  It has to start from the ground up, from the housekeeping to the servers to the kitchen, to the management.

It's definitely not Gary.  I love him more and more everyday.  We're learning to appreciate each other better and treat each other with the greatest respect.  He's been a great support to me as I struggle with life at the moment.  Though it's also about not living on our own in addition to working in a terribly unprofessional environment.  I need to get out of here simply to gain my sanity back.  I want to enjoy where I work and feel at home.  I can't wait until I can go to sleep with no terror that something didn't get done or dream about work or wake up feeling so anxious that I wish I never woke up in the first place.

I can't wait for Gary to graduate :)


tabasco sauce.

My Tbocks cheeseburger REALLY hit the spot tonight.

My sweet honey bear had to work and I really wanted a burger.  Thus I went to Tbocks.  I had made my mind up very early on in the day so I was sooooooooo excited all day long.  Work went by fairly fast.  (side note: I do work with some really great people.  I can't complain as much as that last post seemed like I could.  I just really needed to rant.)

Upon my arrival SUZ came to say hi.  So glad she now works at Tbocks.  She's a sweetheart and gave me not only my blue moon but two other different kinds to taste.  At first I liked the Dorothy better but after finishing I favored the Boulevard.  Go KC.

Then came my beloved cheeseburger.  The greasy fries and juicy cheeseburger had to wait because a guy I used to work with came up to me and started to chat. Needless to say I could wait to delve into my greasy fries. I didn't even have to ask for the tabasco sauce. Suz brought it with my meal.

The burger. OMG.  I am still dying. It. was.so.good.  But I ran out of Blue Moon.  I couldn't possibly go on without something to drink. My mouth is on fire just thinking about it.  One more beer it is.  I was able to finish after that but good grief, where is round two.  No, not the beer but the cheeseburger and fries.

 I want more.


Paying it forward

I saw the sweetest thing today on my way home from work & Walmart.  An older gentleman, one who I thought may be too old to be riding a bike, was walking the sidewalk with two trash bags on his bike handles.  He was picking up all the trash left over from the weekend's drunks.  How sweet!  Not only is it a beautiful day but this nice old man was picking all the trash to keep Decorah pretty. I hope that someday I will be that person picking up the trash along the sidewalk of my neighborhood.  A workout AND philanthropy.  What could be better than that?


Cupcake Pops

Bridget gave me THE best idea ever.  Cupcake pops.

high expectations. dislike.

High expectations are demons.  True demons.  It only leads to feeling let down, angry, confused, and possibly even ignored.  This is something that I have thought long and hard about since beginning work as the catering assistant.  Never in my whole life have I felt more responsible for the well-being of basically every person at the Hotel.  Not that this is always bad, especially when I do something right.  And not that I do everything wrong, but people really notice when I do.

Just to mention a few of my duties:  I am filling in for Tessia so I basically am the acting catering director.  I take inquiry calls/emails, book events, meet with clients, send out contracts, take down details of all the events, among other things like printing new BEO's for 4-5 people everytime there is an update.  My job only gets worse when my printer decides to stop working or my secured drive won't allow me to access the drive out of spite. If this were my only job, life would be cake.  I like doing this stuff.  I love meeting with clients especially. 

Oh but wait, I'm also a million other things at the Hotel: Server, Reference checker, Interviewer, Hirer, Trainer, Test Outer, Floor Manager, Scheduler when no one will sign up for Albert's shifts, Set-uper when no one signs up for events or when I have so little staff that I have to do it all myself, soda stocker, Hostess, Event Manager and lastly, I hear out all the negative thoughts people have.

So as you can see, I basically have no time to do anything.  I feel like I am constantly letting someone down, not meeting their ridiculously high expectations.  No one seems to get how much I am doing nor do they care.  All they care about is having everything work out perfectly for them.  Example: there was a set up the other day and every one of the people working it complained and complained about nothing being prepped and that it took 30 minutes longer than normal.  I'm sorry?  Somehow it became my fault.  When was I suppose to prep the event for you?  The previous event typically does that for you and did I work that? No.  And the other events previous to that?  I basically worked the end of the conference by myself (I did have a great staff willing to come in during meal times though).  In between clearing, cleaning, re-setting, etc, etc, I did not have time to prep for the next event. 

I am sorry to everyone that I continuously let down.  Please feel free to switch positions with me.  I'd like to see you get all this done in 32 hours or less a week.

Do I feel any better after this rant?  No.


big deal? I think so

I finally made a move on buying a dress!  Woah.  It's short, adorable and cheap!  Considering it's a bridesmaid dress, it's expensive but for a wedding dress, Nope!  Swaaaaaweeeeeeeeet.

In other news, I've basically watched TV all night long.

1. Good thing channel 2 & 3 do not show up on my tv because HIMYM started again.  I soooo wanted to watch it but Gary and I have promised not to until we watch last season.  Of course, the season doesn't come out for another month.  I hate being behind!

2. The commercial for grey's made me pee myself.  almost.  I need to catch up on that too.  I honestly forget how many seasons I have so I may end up buying a season or two very, very soon.  Will I be watching the episode on Thursday? I may.  It was too intriguing not to...

3. DWTS.  I'm not normally a fan, but Audrina was on it.  She kinda freaks me out but I'm kinda hooked.  She was the first dancer and then I just kept the tv on.  So when the girl from dirty dancing came on, it was a pleasant surprise.  Did I cry? Of course! what a touching moment.  For a second I felt like I knew Patrick.  It was really sweet to watch her dance.  She truly is more beautiful now than before.  I hope she wins.

Peace out.  Let's hope the dress fits!

PS: Gary is sick :(  I took a nap with him this afternoon and then he had to go to work with a fever.  I feel so bad.  I just want to cook him chicken noodle and make him all better. 


Take the deviled eggs!

I cannot believe how fast this week flew by.  Did I really travel to the MOA on Sunday?  Was it really my birthday on Monday?  I just can't believe it.

Yes, I did indeed travel with Gary up to the Mall of America.  It was sooo much fun but I was SO tired.  We left at 8am so that we could be there when it opened.  What was the first stop you ask?  Noodles & Co of course!  I had no idea there was one IN the mall.  Awesome.  I was on two missions: 1. Loft (duh), 2. find wedding shoes.  By 1:30pm I had accomplished both.  I LOVE MY SHOES!  Now perhaps I should find a dress.... details ;)

I may be exaggerating this but it seemed that Gary talked about Ruby Tuesdays the Entire time we were in the mall. So where did we go to eat for dinner?  Ruby Tuesdays.  It was soooooooo good.  Gary couldn't take his hands off of the tiny little cheddar biscuits.

I turned the big 2-3 on Monday.  Nothing too exciting happened.  I had gone out to eat with both sets of parents and Bridget/Drew last week so I spent all day running errands.  Boy did that feel good though. I hadn't been able to get anything done in the weeks prior because of being so busy with work.  I returned some shoes and clothes, bought stamps and got my save-the-dates cut.  I then had a flashback to my days at ATHENA because I wrote our address, the guests' address, stuffed, stamped & licked all my save-the-dates.  It took hours, but I'm sooo glad that's done.  Now I should probably get them sent....They've been sitting on my dresser for a few days now...oops.

Work was a bit overwhelming this week with a 3-day conference where I was the manager for 2 of those days.  I hated waking up at 5am but to be quite honest, the conference went very well and I am glad to have gotten through it in one piece. Today was also big due to Parent's Weekend at Luther.  Nancy and I organized the First-Year Student Reception at the Hotel.  It was a little difficult getting businesses to showcase but it went really well.  Lots of samples, food and yes, even chair massages. 

Don't worry, Gary and I made sure to celebrate getting through the week/our birthdays by eating at Rubaiyat (check out our dessert!) and topping it off with a beer at Toppling Goliath.  Yum. 



Today was "Bring your dog to the pool" day.  Awesome.  Gary and I decided not to be lazy and go over to the pool to watch for a little bit. Best.Idea.Ever.  There were so many dogs running around! Big, little, super big....It made me reaaaalllllllllly want a dog though :( we saw two that were absolutely gorgeous.  Just beautiful.

Ok fine, this wasn't actually taken at the pool but you get the idea. I loved every second of it.  Too bad it was so dang hot. I can't stand it... CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!

On another note, I've been stricken with nostalgia for freshmen year.  The young'ins moved in yesterday and all I could do was to think back to all the fun I had and actually wish that was back there.  Now that I'm no longer at Luther, I want to go back. I'll deal though.  No homework is NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE.

Gary and I will FINALLY be working on our save-the-dates tomorrow! YAY :) My goal was to have them sent out by Sept 1.  We'll see...............................:)

Peace out!


Make a wish!

Gary is making me lunch for the VERY first time today.  Not that he's not a sweet guy but I always, always take over or simply do it all myself.  I'm excited :)

He did something realllllllly funny yesterday while I was out to dinner with co-workers.  Here is the series of text messages we exchanged:

6:41p - Gary: Make a wish!
6:41p - Vanessa: Why?
6:42p - Gary: Because I meant to send it at 5:55
6:42p - Vanessa: That is why I love you :)

Gary is so goofy sometimes!


Last name EVER, First name GREATEST.

Dear annoying fly that won't stop charging at my face,

I am dreadfully sorry but I am much too busy trying to be lazy to keep swapping you away from my messy head.  It's already difficult enough to be lying down, with my head perfectly situated on my pillows, computer on lap, tv still in view, the city marathoning AND working on spending some dough.  Yes, I am buying some chacos. finally.  You are keeping me from doing all of that right now.  Please stop and just go away.  Thank you.

On a different note, I want to start reading some books now that I have more time on my hands.   It's not like I have a wedding to plan or anything ;)

#1 is with Gary berries :)
The 5 Love Languages.

This was recommended to me by my awesome ATHENA co-worker who is back in the beautiful Chicago without me :( tear.  It will help Gary and I to better understand what our own personal love languages are and to better communicate our needs to eachother.  I'm excited because I need to treat Gary with more respect and better tone.  I love him to pieces and can't wait to show it better and more efficiently.  However, I will keep this part to myself = a creepy-ass looking bug was flying on my bedroom wall so I took his book to try and smush it.  I threw the book at it and missed completely and then THAT bug charged me too. I screamed like a little girl. It was embarrassing even for me....

#2 is for me and me alone.
Live a Little!

This book will hopefully help me to do just that, "LIVE A LITTLE!" I stress and worry over absolutely silly things and this will help me let loose :)  Should be interesting.  Even better - Look at the cover! I'm dying already :)

Laaaaaaaastly, I LOVED THE BACHELORETTE FINALE!  I as always read all the spoilers at the very beginning and Reality Steve is never wrong.  Thankfully, he told me a lie.  I was a little bummed the entire season because he said that she was single at the end of the show.  But now that it's finally over and she and Roberto are together, I sure hope they stay together.  They look so happy and genuinely in love.  It makes me love love even more.  I hope they get married. On tv. soon. :)  I bought some wine before the show and coincidentally I bought a bottle with the name "ALI" on it.  Weird.  I actually bought it because it was sangiovese...(yum!) I then proceeded to drink 3 glasses....

Hit it and quit it.


omg shoes. cont.

I reallly like the Charlotte Dyeable ballet flat & Malina Dyeable round-toe pump.  Both would be in either silver cloud or evening mist.

Every girl needs a grey shoe!


WEDDING IDEAS - omg shoes!!

Thanks to Leta, I have some ideas for shoes!  I think I may want heels based on the dress I want, but the bridal party can certainly do sandels.  I'm thinking orange or pink so here goes:

These are adorable!  But waaaaaaaaay too high...



Centerpiece?  More pops of color depending on what paint I use...:)

Menu cards are a waste of money, but I thought this was super cute...

Picture this with a colorful frame and set by the gift table

These flowers have always intrigued me.  I hope to use these somehow.....

WEDDING IDEAS -- More Desserts!!

I may have changed my mind on the cheesecake thing.  (OMG, right??)  I still want to do cheesecake at some point so perhaps the rehearsal dinner OR bridal shower....

The cupcake idea sounds better and better as the days go by for these reasons:

1. COLORful.  I would love to incorporate more color
2. Preset; cheesecake would get soft if preset, cupcakes won't
4. they are simply adorable :)


gary's taking forever....

I was craving milk about an hour ago so Gary, the big sweetheart that he is, went to go get some.  It's now an hour later and he's still not back.  I still love him though :)

In the meantime, I went ahead and ordered some stamps for the homemade save-the-date cards we are going to make. I am SOOO excited!  I'm just waiting on guests lists now.  We'll need to get addresses, take a picture and make the cards but it will a fun project for the two of us :)

Can't wait!



I am in hyper planning mode right about now! I would absolutely love to pay for everything I possibly can right this second.  I've basically chosen the dress, the save-the-dates, the invites, the gifts, the favors.....Honestly, if I had the money, I'd buy it all.

I DID end up buying the gifts for parents and Andrew tonight.  They are going to LOVE them!  At least I hope :)
They are a SECRET until the rehearsal so they will be kept in hiding.

Oh and I bought the favors. Cheap but adorable and eco-friendly.  And did I mention 20% off??

I am so excited :)

ps:  Happy 4th.  Because it's raining, I'm watching Macy's 4th of July Fireworks on channel 7.  It'll do.


What was I thinking?

I have some good ideas once in awhile.  Today, however, was not one of those days.

When I woke up this morning, I made a personal goal to go walking/take some pictures before the end of the day.  By 7pm I was ready.  I thought, "perhaps I'll walk to whippy dip and back"  Well, when I reached the bridge right before whippy dip, I turned to walk on the dike.  Then I thought, "perhaps, I'll walk on the trail up ahead."  Well, I walk into the trail and there's bugs and it's a little hotter since there's less wind.  I then think, "perhaps I will only go for about 10 minutes."  25 minutes later, I'm still on the stupid trail.  At this point I'm fairly intrigued because I had never gone that far before so I just kept walking.  I eventually ran into the highway.  Yeah, highway 52.  "why not walk to gary."  So I preceded to walk ON THE HIGHWAY (both 52 and 9) to visit Gary.  He was surprised :)  It was cute.  Then I got some bad news.  Gary didn't drive so I had to walk all the way back to Baker.  Bummer.  By 9:15p I was back home but gosh I was tired.  Good thing I had my air conditioning on full blast.

2 hours and 15 minutes later I had walked just over 5 miles.  What was I thinking?  I did get some good pics out of the walk and also a really tasty ice cream cone. The cone however leaked allllllllllllll over my hand and pant leg.  I was a sticky hot mess.

My favorite picture of the walk:

the end.


WEDDING IDEAS -- Bridal Party!!

I love love love love love love this idea.  Button boutinnieres are just so gosh darn adorable.  It'd be a great way to incorporate more color into the guys' of the wedding too.



I am all for staying hydrated these days, but really?  I am not all about the having-to-go-to-the-bathroom-every-two-hours-or-so bit.  I guess that's better than chapped lips and a scratchy voice though right?

And just so everyone knows, I will be having a day off on Saturday, July 3.  It will be my first day off since May 31.  Oh. my. word.  I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.  Gary has to work in the morning so perhaps I'll sleep in...? maybe.

peace out.


YUM!  We are going to go with cheesecake.  Maybe cupcakes too.....I'm d.y.i.n.g. for a rainbow cupcake right about now!!

I really like the idea of having individual desserts for each person.  I have seen way too many messes in the back of the house when cutting cake so this would be a GREAT alternative for the event managers :)  and isn't it just darling adorable?


WEDDING IDEAS - Reception Decor!

This may be one of the aspects of wedding planning that I am most excited, yet most apprehensive about.  I want my decor to be so cute but not too cute, cheap but not trashy cheap, cool, but not too cool AND of course I want it to show off my personality. 

Here are some of my ideas:

Isn't this super cute?  I probably won't use it but it could be a good alternative to all flowers...

I LOVE THIS!!  I won't mix the fruit but I WILL have this in my wedding!!

So I snapped this one at work the other night.  I love how sleek and beauitful the vase is.  I know I want some sort of flower arrangement to offset the fruit but am not yet sure how they will look or what flowers they will be. 

WEDDING IDEAS - Bridal Party!

It's time for me to show off some of what's been going on itself this big head of mine.  I hope you enjoy looking at all my wedding ideas from bridesmaid dresses to dessert to flowers.

Here are my ideas for the ladies of my bridal party:

I like the one on the LEFT

I like the one on the LEFT

I'm loving the color!

style of this one, not the color

I am leaning towards everyone wearing green because the colors of the flowers will realllllly pop against the color of the dresses. 


Less than 9 months to go...

Gary and I had our engagement photo session with Tessa Cole of Sackett Photography on Friday.  We were SO excited about it all day long and even though I had to work my behind off the entire day leading up to it, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Tessa for one is the sweetest girl alive.  She's super cute and super pregnant :)  She's got 2 months left and I can't wait to meet the sweet little peanut!  Tessa made us feel so comfortable and it allowed us to really show how much we love each other.  Teasers of the session will be up on Facebook soon and I CANNOT wait to see the rest in 6-8 weeks. I will definitely make a book out of them.  The session also gave me that much needed motivation to plan things.  Unfortunately for me, I still work 70+ hours a week.  Bummer.  Come August though I will be a planning frenzy.  I CAN'T wait!


Pizza and Shock Top.

There is nothing better than Tombstone pizza and beer.  Absolutely nothing.  Except perhaps the bachelorette and new jersey housewives.  and being in my sweatpants on a dreadful dreary day.  but most of all, spending it with my gary spice :)

I have been OH so very busy with work to the point that every single person on earth would call me crazy.  I topped 90 hours last week.  What can I say?  I'm trying to work very hard for Luther College and keeping my staff on task and making sure every guest enjoys their stay.  And then I'm trying to improve upon my own skills and pad my resume with my Hotel work.  I enjoy that as well and want to make sure that when I do go out into the workforce that I have credible work experiences on my resume.  I just hope that no one will judge me for staying in Decorah taking on temporary jobs in the meantime.  It doesn't mean that I'm not capable.  I'm just being smart.  Let's be real, the job market sucks and I have two full-time jobs.  Granted they only last until the summer's end but still :)  I'll take that over no job any day.

Because I've been working so much there really isn't anything exciting to report.  I'm happy, busy and still completely 100% in love with my life, work and Gary.  I have the best life ever.


In anticipation....

I foresee stress for this summer.  I am up for the challenge, but know that I will need to do certain things that will keep me sane.  I plan to exercise as much as I can even if it's a simple walk around campus as well as eating more nutrious meals.  It would probably help to eat some fruit, right?  I always joke that I will get scurvy, but honestly, I need to eat better.

Conveniently so, as I browsed the MSN homepage as I always do, I came upon "11 Instant Soothers for High-Stress Times."  How appropriate.  The link is below for all of you who also need a course of action to stress less.


On tap for tonight: BIGGEST LOSER FINALE!!! Get excited. woot.


I'm a big kid now!

It's crazy to think how fast this year has gone.  I remember driving to Chicago on Monday, January 25th like it was yesterday.  We were driving through the city looking for the Hotel, but kept turning on the wrong street and of course I started worrying about arriving late.  And then I got really upset knowing that I'd have to leave Gary. Fast forward over 100 days and I'm back.  It's just so crazy!

I moved back to Decorah May 6 after a wonderful lunch with the ATHENA staff.  Oh how I miss them.  I had so much fun (I mean I worked a lot ;)) while I was there and I really miss working with everyone.  The only reason why I am not sad is because I jumped RIGHT back into my usual routine of working and then working some more. I don't, however, miss living in Chicago.  I spent so much money on silly things!  I have a wedding to save for! Oh and then I need to save for an apartment and start paying off my loans....Bummer.

Since I've been back I have worked a lot at the Hotel Winn.  I am a little nervous to be an event manager because it's such a big responsibility, but I am up for the challenge.  Funny thing is, my first solo supervising shift just so happens to be for the Governor of Iowa.  Let's hope I don't screw anything up!

As far as the wedding goes, there are some fun updates :) First, I booked my photographer!!!!  Sackett Photography for March 26, 2011.  Perhaps you can tell what is most important to me ;)  My goal for the rest of May is to book the reception and ceremony sites.  And instead of having a dinner/dance, we will now have an earlier ceremony and have a luncheon.  I see no need in spending lots of money on big meals (with most of it wasted because it's too much) and a dance/alcohol when I would much rather have the night to myself and Gary.  I can still make a luncheon classy and respectable.  Now I just need to get the Hotel Winn on board...

Oh and I graduate from college in 5 days.  That's kind of a big deal....


LA Candy

Today marks the 3rd day of complete Hills domination.  I haven't been able to stop watching the show.  I'm obsessed.

In other news, I do believe the person who cut my hair was on crack.  I got approx. 5 inches off and asked for layers.  It's a bit short, but all is well because it stillllll fits into a ponytail (thank god!).  However, when I finally got around to blowdrying/straightening it, I noticed a few things that only someone on crack would have done. 

1.  the two sides are not exactly the same length, but it's only noticeable to me.

2.  the layers are ALL over the place.  I should have said I wanted a uniform look and only .5-1 inch layers.  My fault...

3.  There is an underneath layer of hair that is a good inch shorter than the outer layers of hair.  Wow.  Who does that?

All in all, I'm fine with my hair cut because it was free, but honestly, hair is hair.  It will grow back and I will cut it again.  I just hope it looks decent for graduation and engagement pics ;)  We shall see.

Lastly, I googled how long it would take me to get home if I walked.  3 days 15 minutes.  Gary, see you in a few!

Now back to the Hills.


Welcome to the Oelrichs Household

Thanks Chicago for welcoming me to my new home in the city.  Apparently, the whole city of Chicago thinks I need a haircut...

After coming home from work today, I did as I usually do, grab the mail.  In it was something for "Welcome to the Oelrichs Household".  That's definitely a new one.  I'd seen Vanessa Delrich and Vanessa Qelrich but never Welcome to the Oelrichs Household... ;-)

I only opened it because it looked like there might be some sweet deals inside.  But no.  What is the first thing I see?  YOU NEED A HAIRCUT!  Do I really need one that badly?  Unfortunately, I do.  I haven't gotten my hair cut since the beginning of August.  How terrible is that???  It's entirely too long.  Even though the entire city of Chicago hates my hair, at least it's free!

On tap for tonight?  Nothing.  I have zero motivation once again.  On tap for the rest of the week? Update my resume and cover letter, class, a job workshop, BILLY ELLIOT!, Race to Wrigley....that might be it...Oh, finish my SENIOR PAPER!  YAY!  I am so excited to have that out of the way.

Tootles from the Oelrichs Household ;)


The Plan of Chicago

I am supposed to be writing a 5-page paper on that very subject but I cannot for the life of me find my notes from my reading of the book that I made probably 3 weeks ago.  HOW FRUSTRATING!  And to make matters worse, I'm having great difficulty finding the motivation to do homework right now.

It's due tomorrow.  As are a 9-page journal and 15 minute presentation.  At least the other things are done, right??

My problem with getting things done at night is honestly because I can't keep thinking critically on homework after 3pm.  I just cannot do it.  There may be very few nights out of the year that I can be productive past that point.  The day I was working on my senior paper was one of them.  I can't remember a time before that that I was able to.  However, I can sit and write this blog no problem.  Crazy how that works....


Something else that I was thinking today was how excited I am to go home.  Not because I want to leave Chicago or ATHENA, but because I can't wait to be able to smile at everyone I pass.  It's not in my nature to look down all the time or stare straight ahead.  I like to see the people on the street and see who I walk past.  I can't be that friendly here though because I'd be more broke than I already am and god knows what else.  I also cannot wait to be back in a community where people don't walk around smoking.  I HATE THAT!  I probably already have lung cancer. 

LASTLY, Gary comes this weekend! i.c.a.n.n.o.t.w.a.i.t.f.o.r.t.h.e.c.u.b.b.i.e.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or him :)

I should be working...

decorahnews.com - Decorah news NOW! Decorah, Iowa | Second bald eagle chick has hatched

This is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love the picture of the mom and dad eagle sitting on the nest together. How sweet!


oh to be in love.....

Love is such a funny thing.  Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes ridiculous, but ALWAYS amazing.  No matter what's going on in my crazy brain, I know that Gary and I love each other and when I've calmed down and stopped being ridic, we'll be fine.  :)  Sorry for being a crazy psycho!

Besides doing absolutely NOTHING for the past couple of days, I was soooo very busy this past weekend.  It was the ATHENA leadership summit!!!  It was extremely crazy to be honest.  I felt like I didn't sit down for days.   It went really well though for our attendees so I hope they couldn't see how crazy it was behind the scenes :)  My favorite part: the white chocolate cheesecake with the prickly pear and mango puree. to. die. for. amazing.

I also finished my senior paper rough draft #89878776578923 on sunday morning. it felt GREAT!  Let's just hope it meets the requirements this time :)

Lastly, I can't stop craving chipotle chips and salsa.  love it.


Tubs Unite!

I have eaten SO much lately. EW.

That, however, is not what I will be blogging about tonight.  This is for the recap of yet another amazing weekend+ with Gary Spice :) (March 19-23)

I was so beyond happy that Gary could stay for more than a weekend.  It was nice to have him around and live our lives together for a couple more days :) (I know, super cheesy and ridic. I don't care.) It meant a lot to the both of us and our relationship could not be better.  Here are some pictures of our awesome adventures:

RAINBOW CUPCAKES were the BEST idea ever.

The most awesomest picture ever :)