Summer here I come!

I will be returning to Decorah TOMORROW! I am so excited!!!! For one, going to/working at Luther has been the official "start" to my summer for too many years so folks, Vanessa is pumped. Gary and I will be heading down after I am done with work tomorrow and I will not return home until July 25. Woah.

Recap of a lovely weekend:
1. Friday dinner with Maura & Emily (two of my LSM friends from the cities). It was soooooooooo nice to finally get a chance to hang out with them. We went out to eat at Chianti Grill, which is an Italian restaurant where my co-worker's husband works. We all forgot to make a reservation so we ended up waiting for almost an hour but it was well worth it. I got the capellini with shrimp. YUM!!! and of course, we all splurged on dessert. Lava cake? Yes please. We ended up staying there for a total of 3 hours but it was such a great time to catch up before I leave. Emily is also pregnant so that was fun but miss Maura is not a baby person so we tried to keep our baby talk to a minimum. Tried :) Maura is also heading off to grad school in Arizona so THANK GOODNESS we were able to get together before I left. She leaves 2 or 3 days after I get back and I highly doubt I'll have the chance to say goodbye. Oh well :(

2. Shopping Saturday! Gary & I headed to some mall in the area for the sole purpose of me buying some clothes that will fit. Old Navy was a bust but then Target saved the day! I found some super cute stuff. And a swimsuit. I have wanted to go swimming since I got pregnant. I'm not so much craving foods, but I am definitely craving some fun in the water. We also went to Bridesmaids, which is totally inappropriate but hilarious! My Gilmore Girls Sookie was outrageous.

3. Productive Sunday. I went to work for about four hours to get some things done and out of the way. It felt so good going to work on Monday and not feeling bogged down. With having to finish up loose ends and pack up, those four hours were welllll worth it. I also did dishes, went grocery shopping, made goulash and read. Lovely Sunday.

4. Tuesday - 2nd doctor's appointment. Gary and I just went this afternoon. All is still well. Baby's heartbeat is still 150. Sadly, I don't have another appointment until Aug 9 since I'll be out of town. But I'll be getting an ultrasound that day! Get excited.

The end. I move tomorrow and I still need to clean the apartment and pack. Woe is me :)


Breakfast woes

I had a tomato for breakfast this morning. That and a tall glass of milk.

It was strangely satisfying but of course, at 9am or so, I was starving. Perhaps I should have eaten the second one :)

Seriously though, breakfast is sooooo annoying to me. I've never been a big morning eater, especially for what most people consider "normal" breakfast food. Toast? No, PB&J? No, but that's what I've been eating most mornings these days. French toast? Sure, but I never seem to be in the mood. Eggs? Love them but not so much anymore. I also only care for scrambled but even that is not doing much for me. Cereal? gross. I had that for awhile at the beginning but I really can't stand it. Soggy cereal makes me gag. Ew. Things like yogurt and fruit or granola, I WISH I LIKED THIS STUFF! Maybe I should try it now that I've got different food preferences.

As you can see, my choices of "normal" bkf food are quite limited. If only I could go back to my middle school and high school days where I came early to discover they were serving PIZZA for breakfast. Oh how I loved that pizza. That and their taco pizza. If I were to miss two things about Starmont, those would be it.

Snacks are a whole other debacle. I'm trying, people. Really.


Martha Martha Martha

1st off - I want to thank Martha Stewart for her Organization Tip of the Day:


I want one of these right now! (ps to Amanda: I tried to link this but for whatever reason it won't show up in the post. Sorry!)

On another note I now have all our wedding photos on my computer. I desperately want to share them but the files are much too large to put on our wedding photo share site. Shoot! I thought about putting a few up on facebook but I want to ask our photographer if that's okay first. I will get them up as soon as I can!!!!!!! I could always make everyone a copy of the cd as well. Let me know if you want one :)

Thirdly, Gary and I are going to the zoo today!! I hope we don't run into any road construction because honestly, that can just about ruin my whole day. We planned to go to Bdubs last night and then to a movie and nearly didn't do either because we kept getting lost. There is a TON of construction going on all over the city and the stupid road signs do nothing but get you really confused and angry. Once we realized we would have no way to eat and make it to the movie on time, we canceled the tickets and made our way to a different Bdubs. It was good but then our waiter was too preoccupied with a table of 6 girls with their chests and butt cheeks fully exposed to bring us our bill. It took him nearly 20 minutes to even realize we had both finished eating and were just sitting there. Silly waiter. We ended up back near our neck of the woods by 7:30 and picked up How Do You Know. What a lovely way to finish the evening.

Baby news: No baby bump yet but I am now officially in my 2nd trimester. I look forward to growing a belly (more that I already have :) and enjoying being pregnant. 13 weeks and 2 days. Get excited.