The Bump {6} - Prego Project List - JULY

If you know me even just a little bit, you probably know how much I LOVE making lists. Compound the love of making lists by the overwhelming amount of ideas and things I know need to be finished before Mini Mr. Wiest arrives and you get Prego Project List! I realized very quickly that I couldn't quite grasp everything that needed to get done. Pregnancy makes my mind wander alllll over the place. I needed to get my ideas and tasks down on paper to make it more visual. I desperately needed something to look at to make sure I stayed on track.

The best I came up with was to divide and conquer this massive to-do list by month. Each month through the rest of the year has a bijillion items to accomplish but you know what, I'm not the least bit overwhelmed (yet). I'm motivated.

Here's a sampling of what needs to be accomplished in July:
  • Finish Dining Room Decor
  • Brainstorm Living Room Decor
  • Nursery (research and buy?)
  • Buy Peaches' Birthday Gift :)
  • Research Care Providers for Mini Mr. Wiest
  • Photobook 2012 - finish October
  • Blog (you've seen most that I planned, just one or two left!)
  • Take Weekly Bump Photos
  • Research Car options/deals
    • Buy??? Get excited!

Like I said, this is but a small sampling of everything that needs to be completed in July. Some things will be fluid as you know opportunities pop up and disappear without notice. We're keeping our eyes peeled and staying within a healthy budget. Thanks, Gspice, for keeping me on track :)

Knowing that part of my project list needed the assistance of some other family members, I invited Bridget, Drew, Erin and Dad up to help this past weekend. Really, I needed Drew and Dad to help hang up some fiesty shelves I got from Pottery Barn awhile back. Our walls weren't the most cooperative component but they made it work. I envision putting up some cork strips underneath the shelves to hang up things (such as my monthly Prego Project Lists!)

 After everyone left, I had a little bit of remaining motivation so I put up the craft letters I had spray painted the day before. 

More pictures to come as the decor is all completed!


The Bump {5} - Recap: 12-20 weeks

This part of my pregnancy was a bit more interesting. I was getting used to the idea that we were pregnant and getting more and more excited/nervous about finding out if baby was healthy and either a boy or a girl. However, with a more positive outlook, we sailed through this phase pretty easily.  

However, two symptoms became slightly irritating. The first symptom was becoming horribly congested. I woke up (and continue to do so) with a very clearly stuffed nose almost every single day. My sinuses were just full. That part isn't as annoying. What IS annoying is my right eye. The poor thing has been through the ringer already. I may have developed slight allergies (which I doubt is prego related, but still) because one day I woke up with an incredibly pink eye. I thought it could be pink eye, which the doc said was most likely the viral form because you'd obviously know if it were the bacterial form. Apparently, that's when your eye looks absolutely disgusting and super puffy and gross. Well at least I didn't have that. Nonetheless, I stayed home for a couple of days so that I wouldn't infect anyone else. Now after having a ridiculously pink eye three more times, I now believe that perhaps it wasn't ever pink eye. I realized that each of those mornings, I woke up with my eye glued shut or super itchy or super wet, etc. I then probably rubbed it so much to cause my eye to turn pink. I never once contaminated anyone else, including the little one I nanny for, my co-workers or my husband. But man, it's super annoying regardless. I look like I woke up with a SEVERE hangover. Not cool.

Another tidbit about this eye - it tells me when I'm tired. Seriously. I can tell by how my right eyelid behaves when it's time to go to bed. It is the first eye to shut when I lay down to bed and the last to open up in the morning. I had an eye appointment early in my pregnancy and my report came back fine. If anything, I think it was my left eye that was just slightly nearsighted, but not enough to warrant any prescription.

The other annoying symptom I started to notice very much during this stage of the pregnancy is my low blood pressure. At my 16 week appointment, my blood pressure was something super low like 85/55. Crazy low. No wonder I have the hardest time walking up the stairs. I get so darn tired before I'm even half way up. And on walks, I can totally tell when I'm tired. I walk at a speed of a snail. Gary has to slow waaaay down to match my speed.

These weren't really all that bad. What I should be annoyed by is this little dude doesn't like spice very much. He can't handle as much Don Jose salsa that I'd love to eat. DEFINITELY takes after his dad. One thing he does love? Sweets. Oh my word, I cannot get enough. Powdered donuts, chocolate milk, Hershey's chocolate and instant chocolate pudding were staples during this time. I could down a whole packet of pudding if I didn't stop myself. Holy cow that stuff is good. Speaking of which, I haven't had any of that pudding in awhile. I'll add it to my grocery list...

Here's a peek at little Mini Mr. Wiest that we got at our 12w2d ultrasound in Rochester.

Face (you can see the eye sockets) and belly

Gary and I both thought this shot looked like Bane from Batman!

Little legs. I looked and looked for a sign of gender :)

side profile

Words of wisdom:
1. When you need to go up in size for clothing, buy some maternity clothes! When Gary and I went up to Rochester for an ultrasound between 12-13 weeks, I had gained enough weight (thanks to all those sweets!) that my pants weren't fitting well anymore. Sad day, but I found the new maternity store at the mall and was met with such a lovely surprise. They sold petite pants!!!!!!!!!!!  I bought a lot of pairs just because I knew I wouldn't need to hem any of them. That was an awesome day. I've been back since :) My best advice is to not waste time trying to squeeze in to items that no longer fit even if you can still (just barely) get the button to latch.

2. Go to the chiropractor if you need to. The lower right side of my back/hip bone started to hurt really badly one night during week 14. I called to set up an appointment that next morning and was able to get in right away. I've felt great ever since.

3. Buy a prego pillow! I should have done this years ago because I love to sleep on my sides and I know how important it is for your back to have good alignment, even while you sleep. Having a pillow to support your head is obvious, but I never sleep with a pillow between my legs. Well, now I do! Another reason I needed this pillow is because of my growing belly. It's so much more comfortable to lay on my side if I have something to support the baby belly too.

Belly Photos! 
I didn't take too many belly photos during this time. To be honest, I was afraid to just in case something happened to baby. I just couldn't pick up that camera. I did eventually take photos as my confidence grew. Here they are:

                                16w2d                                                           16w7d


A Day in the Life of Peaches!

Eating. Lazy-style.
Wrecking havoc.
Almost sleeping.
More gazing.

It's a rough life :)


The Bump {4} - Recap: 5-12 weeks

To those that may have had a difficult time during the first trimester, I'm sorry.  For me, it was a breeze. No morning sickness, no nausea, nothing really annoying. My only symptoms thus far had been being overly tired, having a lack of interest in food (opening the fridge did kinda suck) and the occasional headache that one little Tylenol actually did help with.

However, I did have my fair share of meltdowns. I would be fine one minute and then be sobbing the next. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement. I was so unaware and naive during my last pregnancy and though I wasn't making that same mistake again, it did cause me to go in to hysterics from time to time. Gary was a champ and rode along with me during my emotional roller coaster rides. He'd hug me when I needed it, talk me down when I needed it, kiss my forehead or cheek (to steer clear of my runny nose ;) ) when I needed it. Thanks, Gspice. :)

Some of my meltdowns occurred during our first couple of office visits. We met with the OB Coordinator at 5 weeks and then with our doctor at 8 weeks. However, both have been wonderful in talking about how worrying will not change the outcome. It is a time to be enjoyed regardless of what may happen in the future. I took that to heart and kept moving forward with as much positive outlook as possible.

For the most part, I did feel at peace. We felt so much better this time around and had a good feeling that everything would be just fine. To help with this, we had our first ultrasound on April 10 when I was at 8w1d. What a trip! I cannot believe how small the little peanut was at this point. Just a teeny tiny blob!


The Bump {3} - GENDER REVEAL!

Gary and I have been at odds about what we're having but at the same time kinda not. I really wanted a boy but had an overwhelming feeling that we'd have a girl. Gary, along with my mother, however, were 1000% convinced we'd be having a girl. I grew up with 3 sisters, our previous pregnancy was a girl, and I have two nieces. The odds definitely seem stacked.

Either way, we would be completely and utterly ecstatic. We just hope with all our hearts that this little babe is happy and healthy.

Yesterday, I set about making some desserts so we can reveal to our respective workplaces. My co-workers at the medical center are very much aware but almost all of Gary's co-workers have no clue. He's told his boss and some of the upper management but no one else. I'm excited to share with them the fun news! And what's even better, they won't have to wait to find out the gender! He brought some treats to work this morning but I had to settle for something else (like an appropriately colored cardigan). I tried making something for everyone I work with but it ended up being more difficult and frustrating than I anticipated. Oh well!

So, drum roll please...................

We're having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still ask Gary this question at least three times a day: 
"Can you believe we're having a boy?!?


The Bump {2} - POSITIVE!

This pregnancy caught us both by surprise. Though we had been trying, there was absolutely nothing that led us to believe THIS was the time. Low and behold, on Friday, March 15, this is what I see:

At this point, I was 4w3d pregnant. After a few moments of complete disbelief, I realized I had to wait for Gary to come home. I wanted to tell him as soon as I found out, but telling your husband over the phone that you're pregnant is no fun. To complicate matters, we were supposed to rush off to a company bowling party literally seconds after we raced home to get ready for the first game (insert Gary's EXTREME excitement here). I had to come up with a super quick way to reveal it to him...

During the car ride home I asked if I could show Gary something on my computer.

His response: "Really? Can it wait? It better be good..."
My thoughts: "Giggles. This is going to BLOW his mind!"

All I really wanted was for him to sit down and not look in my direction. As he sat down, I grabbed the test and brought it to him. It took about 3 seconds for him to bop out of the chair with a huge smile to give me the biggest hug ever. YAY for surprises! And I am happy to report that we made it to the bowling party just in time for the first game!


The Bump {1} - Secret's Out!

This day could not have come any slower. Gary and I have kept a pretttttty major secret from the general public for weeks. And by weeks, I mean 16 weeks.


Taken: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 16w7d

As of today, I am 20 weeks, 3 days and due on November 20. We also just found out this morning that our little bundle is healthy and progressing as any normal baby should be at this stage. (For those that may not know or remember, we had a previous pregnancy with spina bifida 2 years ago. Emma is not with us but she'd be soooo darn excited!!) Yes, we found out what we are having but that will have to wait a few more days.

Any guesses????????????