WEDDING IDEAS - Reception Decor!

This may be one of the aspects of wedding planning that I am most excited, yet most apprehensive about.  I want my decor to be so cute but not too cute, cheap but not trashy cheap, cool, but not too cool AND of course I want it to show off my personality. 

Here are some of my ideas:

Isn't this super cute?  I probably won't use it but it could be a good alternative to all flowers...

I LOVE THIS!!  I won't mix the fruit but I WILL have this in my wedding!!

So I snapped this one at work the other night.  I love how sleek and beauitful the vase is.  I know I want some sort of flower arrangement to offset the fruit but am not yet sure how they will look or what flowers they will be. 

WEDDING IDEAS - Bridal Party!

It's time for me to show off some of what's been going on itself this big head of mine.  I hope you enjoy looking at all my wedding ideas from bridesmaid dresses to dessert to flowers.

Here are my ideas for the ladies of my bridal party:

I like the one on the LEFT

I like the one on the LEFT

I'm loving the color!

style of this one, not the color

I am leaning towards everyone wearing green because the colors of the flowers will realllllly pop against the color of the dresses. 


Less than 9 months to go...

Gary and I had our engagement photo session with Tessa Cole of Sackett Photography on Friday.  We were SO excited about it all day long and even though I had to work my behind off the entire day leading up to it, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Tessa for one is the sweetest girl alive.  She's super cute and super pregnant :)  She's got 2 months left and I can't wait to meet the sweet little peanut!  Tessa made us feel so comfortable and it allowed us to really show how much we love each other.  Teasers of the session will be up on Facebook soon and I CANNOT wait to see the rest in 6-8 weeks. I will definitely make a book out of them.  The session also gave me that much needed motivation to plan things.  Unfortunately for me, I still work 70+ hours a week.  Bummer.  Come August though I will be a planning frenzy.  I CAN'T wait!


Pizza and Shock Top.

There is nothing better than Tombstone pizza and beer.  Absolutely nothing.  Except perhaps the bachelorette and new jersey housewives.  and being in my sweatpants on a dreadful dreary day.  but most of all, spending it with my gary spice :)

I have been OH so very busy with work to the point that every single person on earth would call me crazy.  I topped 90 hours last week.  What can I say?  I'm trying to work very hard for Luther College and keeping my staff on task and making sure every guest enjoys their stay.  And then I'm trying to improve upon my own skills and pad my resume with my Hotel work.  I enjoy that as well and want to make sure that when I do go out into the workforce that I have credible work experiences on my resume.  I just hope that no one will judge me for staying in Decorah taking on temporary jobs in the meantime.  It doesn't mean that I'm not capable.  I'm just being smart.  Let's be real, the job market sucks and I have two full-time jobs.  Granted they only last until the summer's end but still :)  I'll take that over no job any day.

Because I've been working so much there really isn't anything exciting to report.  I'm happy, busy and still completely 100% in love with my life, work and Gary.  I have the best life ever.