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There are two stations I listen to quite frequently on Pandora. By frequently, I mean like 99.9% of the time. Cassadee Pope and 3Oh!3. One is reserved for work and the other at home. You guess which is which. :)

On the one reserved for work, I came across a new artist that I have grown to love. Kacey Musgraves has one song out that is so adorably perfect. If I had to sing a karaoke song in a bar or in front of a crowd, this would be it.

Little Mr. {10 Months}

Owen is becoming quite the Little Mr. He keeps developing and learning new things and one day - he won't be so little anymore!

It is no secret that we've got a busy boy. Owen absolutely loves to roam and crawl about, reach for things that are quite often way out of reach, climb over low items like a box of diapers or a tub of clothes he's outgrown. Owen's arms are crazy strong - he'll latch on to one side of these things and pull his entire tiny body up and over. We've been lucky that we've caught him before he falls over the other side! He's not yet walking independently but he's getting very good at walking along with support.

One realllly fun development is his more deliberate babbling. We heard lots of "D"s and "B"s along with all the growling, yelping and squealing Owen loves to do. Another absolutely adorable development is what we call "fishy kisses!" It's actually just when he smacks his lips but he'll do this on demand too. It most often happens when he eats yogurt but he'll mimic me if I'm really close to him too.

Much like the past couple of months, Owen chews on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. His fingers, every single toy, books, corners of boxes, my fingers, bottle nipples, spoons, the list goes on and on. Thus, it should be no surprise that Owen has sprouted two more teeth! The two upper lateral incisors popped through and poor Owen, he felt every bit of it. Cutting teeth is no joke! He hasn't been eating quite as much and I'm pretty sure he's working on at least 2-3 more! I can't quite tell - his chewing is getting farther in to his mouth so it might be the canines. I guess we shall see!

Catch up on Owen's First Year!


Little Mr. {9 Months}

No apologies this time. Life happens and Owen's monthly updates will be reallllly late. I've comes to terms with it :)

This was an awesome month. Owen has done so many new things,  it's hard to keep up. I've tried keeping notes so hopefully I won't miss sharing anything! Owen began swimming across the floor in mid July and would occasionally raise his belly. The crawling came soon after on July 31. We've got a VERY active little one. He gets in to everything he can get his hands on so for now, we keep him pretty contained in our living room. Baby proofing will come eventually for the rest of the house. Owen can also pull himself up into the standing position with anything stationary. He'll often try pulling himself up on things that are not all that sturdy and he'll come tumbling down. Does that deter him? Not in the least bit. If anything, it makes him even more determined to stand up. Perhaps the most adorable new development is Owen's little baby clapping. It barely makes a sound but it's so darn cute.

One more baby tooth has sprouted - the lower left central incisor came on July 26. More runny noses, a few nights of resisting sleep and infant tylenol and lots of slobber. Oh the joys of parenthood :) His two little teeth are adorable though! He likes to roll his tongue over them and chew on EVERYTHING. I had a dream recently that he got all his teeth at once. That was a scary dream but really, that wouldn't be so bad...

I decided to buy a few baby food bottles so that I could give Owen a bit more variety. I figure at this point, it's not so terrible to buy a jar of spaghetti for 70 cents. I also bought some puffs for him to work his pincher grasp. He hasn't quite mastered that yet but doesn't seem to like the puffs either. He'll  allow me to put them in his mouth but he'll promptly spit it out and then have it stuck on his hand for the rest of his meal.

Who else was eagerly awaiting Owen's nine month check-up? Just me? Ok, fine. I'll admit I'm a little crazy. Imagine how disappointed I was with that scale I bought at Target. It kept weighing Owen at 4.5 lbs. I don't think so! Finally got that returned even though Peaches had chewed a massive hole in the box. Here are Owen's long & lean stats!

9-Month Appointment (8/25/2014)
Weight: 17 lb 6 oz
Height: 27 3/4 in

6-Month Appointment (5/19/2014)
Weight: 15 lb 8 oz
Height: 26 inches

4-Month Appointment (3/18/2014)
Weight: 13 lb 1 oz
Height: 25 1/2 in

3-Month-Mommy-wants-a-weight-check Appointment (2/18/2014)
Weight: 11 lb 5 oz
Height: 24 in

2-Month Appointment (1/14/2014)
Weight: 10 lb 9 oz
Height: 22 7/8 in

2-Week Appointment (12/2/2013)
Weight: 7 lb 12 oz
Height: 21 in

Newborn (11/16/2013)                  
Weight: 7 lb 9 oz           
Height: 20 1/4 in

Part of the reason this post took a little longer (you know, besides the fact that I've been lazy) is that Owen was teething and got a cold at the same time. He was rather fussy (& dirty!) for a solid 7-9 days so I didn't want to subject him to a mini photoshoot.

Catch up on Owen's First Year!