First Friday {3} - Monday Edition

I know it's been a LONGGGG time. I've been tired, lazy, unmotivated...I promise that I'll try to be better :) (Oh and I don't have Friday off in June or July, ie: Monday Edition :))

Recent happenings:

1. Gary graduated! This was such a long time coming and I couldn't be more proud. I somehow forgot to pack my own camera so I freaked out a little until I took Gloria's camera :) Good thing I did because I sat right behind Gary and got some great photos. Too bad I can no longer locate the cord this particular camera needs to get them online. Guess that will have to wait. Oops.

Gary and I had a great time in Decorah. We arrived Friday evening and were able to sleep in on Saturday. We went to the caf for lunch, the whippy dip in the afternoon and ate our supposed "last" meal at the Hotel Winn. The food was amazing. Luckily, we still have some dollas left of the gift certificate so I'll be able to come back this summer. Get excited. When the world didn't end when we finished, we went up to Phelps Park for a bit. Then later on, we went for a walk. How cute :)

Sunday was a bit of a blur just with everything going on. I dropped Gary off at the gym while I went to go find a seat. I just about peed when I noticed the spot directly behind Gary was open. I took out my book and read while waiting for Gary's parents to arrive. They never did. Why? Gary never told them where I was. Oh well :) The ceremony started 15 minutes early which turned out to be the best idea because it started sprinkling right after. The ceremony itself was fine because the weather was great. No sun, a slight breeze, awesome. We then went to lunch and then left right after that. Somehow we missed all of the tornadoes (thank God!)

2. Gary and I went to our first prenatal appointment. Nothing too exciting there but we confirmed the due date (which I already knew) and we got to hear the heartbeat!! He/she is at a solid 150 beats/minute. We go back on June 14. I am so hoping we can take an ultrasound, but we'll have to see.

3. I move down to Decorah (for LSM) on Thursday, June 16. I am so excited! Work has been super busy which is great but I still feel like there is something I'm missing. Let's hope not!

On tap for today? Dishes, cleaning, eating, Bachelorette?? At least there is something to look forward to :)


food. cravings.

I am craving foods that aren't readily available to me and NOT craving foods that are: ie: pasta (or pasta I normally eat). This is annoying because that is all I have and have the energy to make. What is it that I want?

french fries.
tbocks cheeseburger.
fish and chips.
don jose salsa.
potentially the baked chicken from the Soul Daddy restaurant that opened today at the MOA.
noodles and company.
ok yes, that is pasta, but that pasta is on a whole other level. you know it.

Sadly, this is the top reason why I would like a vehicle. I want to be able to drive somewhere on a whim when I have a craving. :) When we have a little baby to take care of, that will become the top reason why we HAVE the vehicle. I promise.


Hands off my tapioca pudding.

Yes, this is yet another show I have been completely and utterly fixated with. I love everything about this show even though everything humanly possible happens within just one football season which is completely ridiculous. It doesn't matter. I love it. I love the opening song. It gives me those silly thoughts of the yester-years. and the other part I love? It makes me think back to when Gary and I became friends again which led to our seeing each other which led to us finally becoming a couple. I LOVED that summer. It's weird to think that we are now almost three years later and we're married & expecting. Funny how life just keeeeeps moving :)

Go watch Friday Night Lights. Season 1-4 streams on Netflix and Season 5 is re-playing on NBC every Friday night. Believe me, there is nothing else worth watching on Friday night.