Productivity at its Finest!

Gary and I were so darn productive last night I couldn't help but blog about it. I came home from work with a list 3 hours long of what I wanted to accomplish. It looked something like this:

3:10-3:30: (G&V) Organize all clothes (bedroom, extra bedroom, hallway, stairs, living room, dinig room, extra room) Yes, a lot of it is mine but you have some around as well so you need to participate
3:30-      : (V) Put in Vanessa's load of laundry
3:40-3:50: (V) Finish vacuuming bedroom
3:50-4:00: (G&V) organize extra bedroom and hallway - I'll just need your help moving the white drawers back in to the bedroom along with the nightstand I made
4:00-      : (V) Put load of laundry in dryer
4:10-4:30: (V) Finish organizing extra bedroom and hallway if needed
4:30-4:40: (V) Vacuum extra bedroom, hallway and stairs
4:40-5:00: (G&V) Organize living room and dining room - pick up trash, cardboard, recycling, etc; make it look nice and organized
5:00-5:15: (V) Vacuum living and dining room
5:15-5:30: (G&V) Fold and put away laundry
5:30-6:00: (G&V) Put clean dishes away and make dinner! Baked Tilapia Tacos!!!
And by golly, we just about made it! Gary took FOREVER to fold his clothes, 18 minutes longer to be exact. And guess what? I was done making dinner AND cleaning the kitchen at 6:17pm.
Yeah buddy!


Merry Christmas Wiest Style

It's now only 6 days until Christmas and guess what I've got? The hankering to make our holiday card of course! Sadly enough, we don't have any cardstock in the house and there's no way I'm blazin the trails to Wal-Mart for the next few days. During a blizzard? No thanks.

So, instead, we wish you a happy holidays from right here! (you can click on it to see the actual size)


Best Song Ever

Here's the latest obsession - yes, I heard it first on our NOW! 44 CD constantly playing in our car.  It reminds me of college :)

But please, ignore the video. Not what my college experience looked like!

Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) by The Ready Set