It's a new day!

AND a blizzardy one. I am leaving Decorah for good today, but I do believe the weather gods are a little confused about my leaving. Decorah has gotten sooooooo used to me living here so I think that they are trying to divert my traveling for another day. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I have a lease to sign, an apartment to move into and a job to start. I have to get there! Seriously though, I could have waited until the morning to drive up but my lovely sister has a flight that will attempt to leave tonight at 9:30pm. Let's hope she's able to fly out......I only have one air mattress :) In all sincerity, I am glad to be leaving today. I want to be able to get the apartment stuff out of the way before I start work tomorrow. Also, I hope to take all of my clothes along with me so I'll have a fun little project to work on until all my other belongings and furniture make it up. Another wrench? The tailgate on my parents' vehicle won't open. What did I tell you about the world not wanting me to leave? We'll make it work and I WILL get all the tubs and suitcases in that trunk. I am determined.

Funny side story: I woke up early this morning thinking about something very important. Food. How on earth did I forget about food? A list, shower and a couple hours later, I am fully stocked for the next week or so. I reaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to go outside more than I will have to up in blizzardy Minneapolis. Thank you to everyone who have given me Fareway gift cards too. Totally came in handy :)

Lastly, I am sad to leave Gary. I know how it was when I was in Chicago and it'll be just like that. EXCEPT we have something really exciting to look forward to - MARRIAGE! In just over one month, we will be married. I am more than confident that that fact alone will get us through this much better than Chicago. And surprise!!! Gary thought I'd be gone before he got back at 10:15 :) See you soon, Honey Bear!!

PS: A blog about the awesome bridal shower will follow soonish...I won't have internet for awhile, but it'll come eventually.


Holy Citrus Chicken

Gary & I (and surprisingly my mother) had our Hotel Winn taste test today. I was so excited to come in but was absolutely blown away by all of the options. I loved each dish and we definitely picked out two dishes that I know people will love. And not only that, but the presentation is wonderfully whimsical and colorful, just as I hoped it would be. They are going to fit in with the overall aesthetic of our wedding so perfectly. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! So excited in fact that I really didn't want to brush my teeth or eat anything else because I could still taste them...weird? probably, but don't tell me you haven't thought that yourself at some point in your life because you have!

Though I probably shouldn't ruin the surprise, I can't help but to post the photos I snapped :) Enjoy!

Also of note today.....I got the apartment! I get to move in February 21st (luckily the leasing office will NOT be closed on President's day!). It's a little scary now that it's confirmed but I am pumped about starting this new position and moving to an awesome city.


Recent Happenings

The past few weeks have been especially exciting. So exciting, in fact, that I couldn't quite put it into words until now. Gary was on my case for a new blog, but dude, I was too excited. And nervous. And anxious....

I had my 2nd interview with LMP on January 28th. I came out of the interview feeling good but also unsure of how it would turn out. I knew in my heart that I was the perfect person for the job but did they? The other person they brought in for a 2nd interview could have been just as perfect. At this point, however, there was no use for me to worry so much. If I got the position, I'd be elated but calm, and if I didn't get the position, I'd be devastated but calm. The pieces were going to fall as they might and I was going to be okay either way.

To make sure I stayed on this path of thinking, I decided to travel to Strawberry for a few days. I was able to get some laundry done (FINALLY! I hadn't done my handwashing for months. MONTHS.)

I also got to work on some DIY wedding crafts. With Bridget's help, we were able to create two of the button boutonnieres (I can finally spell this word without spell check! I am so proud of myself!) and table numbers. I can't wait to see how this looks all together.

When I returned to Decorah on Thursday, I still hadn't heard back about the position so I was resigned to the fact that I either didn't get it OR wasn't going to find out until Monday. Then, at 4:30pm, I got the call. When she said "We'd like to offer you the position" I almost didn't believe it. It took me a quick second to realize this was actually happening. Even today it hasn't quite sunk in, but I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We decided that February 22nd would be my first day. Oh boy. Time to make a to-do list. First? Find an apartment.......

The next day, Gary and I got to have our dessert taste test. I was dyyyyying to try this stuff and we picked our dessert for the wedding! And guess what?? It's that same cheesecake desert that I have wanted for probably a year. I am so excited!

The following Monday-Wednesday, my mom and I traveled up to Minneapolis yet again to find myself an apartment. We viewed 5 places on Tuesday and I ended up liking the very first apartment we viewed the best. I'm still waiting to find out if my application will get accepted. I can't imagine that I wouldn't get it, but gosh, I'd be sol if I didn't...

Beyond work, that long to-do list, my bridal shower this Saturday...I've been trying my best to be very deliberate about how I spend my time, especially with Gary. We realized that the only day that we both have off from Feb 4th to the day I start work was Feb 14th. Yes, we will be celebrating, but not V-day, sorry lovers. We are celebrating our being together and having one night to ourselves before I leave. We are VERY excited. (I haven't quite decided if I'll wear a dress though. I worked in the restaurant last night as a server and I couldn't even count how many too-short dresses I saw).

To sum up, I am beyond excited but also very nervous & anxious. I know things are going to be great and everything will get done, but my mind goes on crack at night and I can barely sleep. My goal for this next week is to relax, get things done and enjoy my last week in Decorah.

Peace out.

My Superior Left Side

I've noticed something recently. My (ENTIRE) left side is way more dominant than my right side Many of the traits for the Left Side are traits that I support: using logic, detailed oriented, FACTS RULE!,words & language, math & science, reality based, practical, SAFE (I am not a risk taker. At all).

Clearly, my left brain is far superior :) After learning of this, I can only assume that is why my entire left side follows suit. After working long hours at the Hotel, for instance, my left shoulder, bicep, wrist, lower back/hip, left knee, foot....they all hurt. My right side? Nothing. It's as if I don't even use that side of my body at all. Seriously. My left bicep is soooo sore it's ridiculous. And when I wake up every morning, which side of my lower back needs excessive popping? My left side. And I go to the chiropractor to fix which side of my shoulder/spine debacle? My left side.

So all I've got to say is...Thank you, Left Side, for bringing home the bacon. You make me who I am and allow me to be awesome (at least in my own head) :)