tabasco sauce.

My Tbocks cheeseburger REALLY hit the spot tonight.

My sweet honey bear had to work and I really wanted a burger.  Thus I went to Tbocks.  I had made my mind up very early on in the day so I was sooooooooo excited all day long.  Work went by fairly fast.  (side note: I do work with some really great people.  I can't complain as much as that last post seemed like I could.  I just really needed to rant.)

Upon my arrival SUZ came to say hi.  So glad she now works at Tbocks.  She's a sweetheart and gave me not only my blue moon but two other different kinds to taste.  At first I liked the Dorothy better but after finishing I favored the Boulevard.  Go KC.

Then came my beloved cheeseburger.  The greasy fries and juicy cheeseburger had to wait because a guy I used to work with came up to me and started to chat. Needless to say I could wait to delve into my greasy fries. I didn't even have to ask for the tabasco sauce. Suz brought it with my meal.

The burger. OMG.  I am still dying. It. was.so.good.  But I ran out of Blue Moon.  I couldn't possibly go on without something to drink. My mouth is on fire just thinking about it.  One more beer it is.  I was able to finish after that but good grief, where is round two.  No, not the beer but the cheeseburger and fries.

 I want more.


Paying it forward

I saw the sweetest thing today on my way home from work & Walmart.  An older gentleman, one who I thought may be too old to be riding a bike, was walking the sidewalk with two trash bags on his bike handles.  He was picking up all the trash left over from the weekend's drunks.  How sweet!  Not only is it a beautiful day but this nice old man was picking all the trash to keep Decorah pretty. I hope that someday I will be that person picking up the trash along the sidewalk of my neighborhood.  A workout AND philanthropy.  What could be better than that?


Cupcake Pops

Bridget gave me THE best idea ever.  Cupcake pops.

high expectations. dislike.

High expectations are demons.  True demons.  It only leads to feeling let down, angry, confused, and possibly even ignored.  This is something that I have thought long and hard about since beginning work as the catering assistant.  Never in my whole life have I felt more responsible for the well-being of basically every person at the Hotel.  Not that this is always bad, especially when I do something right.  And not that I do everything wrong, but people really notice when I do.

Just to mention a few of my duties:  I am filling in for Tessia so I basically am the acting catering director.  I take inquiry calls/emails, book events, meet with clients, send out contracts, take down details of all the events, among other things like printing new BEO's for 4-5 people everytime there is an update.  My job only gets worse when my printer decides to stop working or my secured drive won't allow me to access the drive out of spite. If this were my only job, life would be cake.  I like doing this stuff.  I love meeting with clients especially. 

Oh but wait, I'm also a million other things at the Hotel: Server, Reference checker, Interviewer, Hirer, Trainer, Test Outer, Floor Manager, Scheduler when no one will sign up for Albert's shifts, Set-uper when no one signs up for events or when I have so little staff that I have to do it all myself, soda stocker, Hostess, Event Manager and lastly, I hear out all the negative thoughts people have.

So as you can see, I basically have no time to do anything.  I feel like I am constantly letting someone down, not meeting their ridiculously high expectations.  No one seems to get how much I am doing nor do they care.  All they care about is having everything work out perfectly for them.  Example: there was a set up the other day and every one of the people working it complained and complained about nothing being prepped and that it took 30 minutes longer than normal.  I'm sorry?  Somehow it became my fault.  When was I suppose to prep the event for you?  The previous event typically does that for you and did I work that? No.  And the other events previous to that?  I basically worked the end of the conference by myself (I did have a great staff willing to come in during meal times though).  In between clearing, cleaning, re-setting, etc, etc, I did not have time to prep for the next event. 

I am sorry to everyone that I continuously let down.  Please feel free to switch positions with me.  I'd like to see you get all this done in 32 hours or less a week.

Do I feel any better after this rant?  No.


big deal? I think so

I finally made a move on buying a dress!  Woah.  It's short, adorable and cheap!  Considering it's a bridesmaid dress, it's expensive but for a wedding dress, Nope!  Swaaaaaweeeeeeeeet.

In other news, I've basically watched TV all night long.

1. Good thing channel 2 & 3 do not show up on my tv because HIMYM started again.  I soooo wanted to watch it but Gary and I have promised not to until we watch last season.  Of course, the season doesn't come out for another month.  I hate being behind!

2. The commercial for grey's made me pee myself.  almost.  I need to catch up on that too.  I honestly forget how many seasons I have so I may end up buying a season or two very, very soon.  Will I be watching the episode on Thursday? I may.  It was too intriguing not to...

3. DWTS.  I'm not normally a fan, but Audrina was on it.  She kinda freaks me out but I'm kinda hooked.  She was the first dancer and then I just kept the tv on.  So when the girl from dirty dancing came on, it was a pleasant surprise.  Did I cry? Of course! what a touching moment.  For a second I felt like I knew Patrick.  It was really sweet to watch her dance.  She truly is more beautiful now than before.  I hope she wins.

Peace out.  Let's hope the dress fits!

PS: Gary is sick :(  I took a nap with him this afternoon and then he had to go to work with a fever.  I feel so bad.  I just want to cook him chicken noodle and make him all better. 


Take the deviled eggs!

I cannot believe how fast this week flew by.  Did I really travel to the MOA on Sunday?  Was it really my birthday on Monday?  I just can't believe it.

Yes, I did indeed travel with Gary up to the Mall of America.  It was sooo much fun but I was SO tired.  We left at 8am so that we could be there when it opened.  What was the first stop you ask?  Noodles & Co of course!  I had no idea there was one IN the mall.  Awesome.  I was on two missions: 1. Loft (duh), 2. find wedding shoes.  By 1:30pm I had accomplished both.  I LOVE MY SHOES!  Now perhaps I should find a dress.... details ;)

I may be exaggerating this but it seemed that Gary talked about Ruby Tuesdays the Entire time we were in the mall. So where did we go to eat for dinner?  Ruby Tuesdays.  It was soooooooo good.  Gary couldn't take his hands off of the tiny little cheddar biscuits.

I turned the big 2-3 on Monday.  Nothing too exciting happened.  I had gone out to eat with both sets of parents and Bridget/Drew last week so I spent all day running errands.  Boy did that feel good though. I hadn't been able to get anything done in the weeks prior because of being so busy with work.  I returned some shoes and clothes, bought stamps and got my save-the-dates cut.  I then had a flashback to my days at ATHENA because I wrote our address, the guests' address, stuffed, stamped & licked all my save-the-dates.  It took hours, but I'm sooo glad that's done.  Now I should probably get them sent....They've been sitting on my dresser for a few days now...oops.

Work was a bit overwhelming this week with a 3-day conference where I was the manager for 2 of those days.  I hated waking up at 5am but to be quite honest, the conference went very well and I am glad to have gotten through it in one piece. Today was also big due to Parent's Weekend at Luther.  Nancy and I organized the First-Year Student Reception at the Hotel.  It was a little difficult getting businesses to showcase but it went really well.  Lots of samples, food and yes, even chair massages. 

Don't worry, Gary and I made sure to celebrate getting through the week/our birthdays by eating at Rubaiyat (check out our dessert!) and topping it off with a beer at Toppling Goliath.  Yum.