LA Candy

Today marks the 3rd day of complete Hills domination.  I haven't been able to stop watching the show.  I'm obsessed.

In other news, I do believe the person who cut my hair was on crack.  I got approx. 5 inches off and asked for layers.  It's a bit short, but all is well because it stillllll fits into a ponytail (thank god!).  However, when I finally got around to blowdrying/straightening it, I noticed a few things that only someone on crack would have done. 

1.  the two sides are not exactly the same length, but it's only noticeable to me.

2.  the layers are ALL over the place.  I should have said I wanted a uniform look and only .5-1 inch layers.  My fault...

3.  There is an underneath layer of hair that is a good inch shorter than the outer layers of hair.  Wow.  Who does that?

All in all, I'm fine with my hair cut because it was free, but honestly, hair is hair.  It will grow back and I will cut it again.  I just hope it looks decent for graduation and engagement pics ;)  We shall see.

Lastly, I googled how long it would take me to get home if I walked.  3 days 15 minutes.  Gary, see you in a few!

Now back to the Hills.


Welcome to the Oelrichs Household

Thanks Chicago for welcoming me to my new home in the city.  Apparently, the whole city of Chicago thinks I need a haircut...

After coming home from work today, I did as I usually do, grab the mail.  In it was something for "Welcome to the Oelrichs Household".  That's definitely a new one.  I'd seen Vanessa Delrich and Vanessa Qelrich but never Welcome to the Oelrichs Household... ;-)

I only opened it because it looked like there might be some sweet deals inside.  But no.  What is the first thing I see?  YOU NEED A HAIRCUT!  Do I really need one that badly?  Unfortunately, I do.  I haven't gotten my hair cut since the beginning of August.  How terrible is that???  It's entirely too long.  Even though the entire city of Chicago hates my hair, at least it's free!

On tap for tonight?  Nothing.  I have zero motivation once again.  On tap for the rest of the week? Update my resume and cover letter, class, a job workshop, BILLY ELLIOT!, Race to Wrigley....that might be it...Oh, finish my SENIOR PAPER!  YAY!  I am so excited to have that out of the way.

Tootles from the Oelrichs Household ;)


The Plan of Chicago

I am supposed to be writing a 5-page paper on that very subject but I cannot for the life of me find my notes from my reading of the book that I made probably 3 weeks ago.  HOW FRUSTRATING!  And to make matters worse, I'm having great difficulty finding the motivation to do homework right now.

It's due tomorrow.  As are a 9-page journal and 15 minute presentation.  At least the other things are done, right??

My problem with getting things done at night is honestly because I can't keep thinking critically on homework after 3pm.  I just cannot do it.  There may be very few nights out of the year that I can be productive past that point.  The day I was working on my senior paper was one of them.  I can't remember a time before that that I was able to.  However, I can sit and write this blog no problem.  Crazy how that works....


Something else that I was thinking today was how excited I am to go home.  Not because I want to leave Chicago or ATHENA, but because I can't wait to be able to smile at everyone I pass.  It's not in my nature to look down all the time or stare straight ahead.  I like to see the people on the street and see who I walk past.  I can't be that friendly here though because I'd be more broke than I already am and god knows what else.  I also cannot wait to be back in a community where people don't walk around smoking.  I HATE THAT!  I probably already have lung cancer. 

LASTLY, Gary comes this weekend! i.c.a.n.n.o.t.w.a.i.t.f.o.r.t.h.e.c.u.b.b.i.e.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or him :)

I should be working...

decorahnews.com - Decorah news NOW! Decorah, Iowa | Second bald eagle chick has hatched

This is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love the picture of the mom and dad eagle sitting on the nest together. How sweet!


oh to be in love.....

Love is such a funny thing.  Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes ridiculous, but ALWAYS amazing.  No matter what's going on in my crazy brain, I know that Gary and I love each other and when I've calmed down and stopped being ridic, we'll be fine.  :)  Sorry for being a crazy psycho!

Besides doing absolutely NOTHING for the past couple of days, I was soooo very busy this past weekend.  It was the ATHENA leadership summit!!!  It was extremely crazy to be honest.  I felt like I didn't sit down for days.   It went really well though for our attendees so I hope they couldn't see how crazy it was behind the scenes :)  My favorite part: the white chocolate cheesecake with the prickly pear and mango puree. to. die. for. amazing.

I also finished my senior paper rough draft #89878776578923 on sunday morning. it felt GREAT!  Let's just hope it meets the requirements this time :)

Lastly, I can't stop craving chipotle chips and salsa.  love it.