Project Baby Quilt {12} - COMPLETE!

I finished the quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started the day especially determined to finish the quilt TODAY. I had to! Shutterfly gave me a free 8x8 photo book which will be finished in honor of Miss Emma, whom we lost in August 2011. However, Project Baby Quilt is a feature in the book so of course, the book couldn't be finished without a finished quilt. The free photo book expires on June 26. I'm golden!

The second reason it needed to be finished is because Shutterfly is even more awesome and is offering 50% off + free shipping on items over $30. Well, I have the 2nd photo book for 2012 completed so the deals are super worth it. When do they expire? June 25. Oh boy.

The last reason it needed to be finished TODAY is because Shutterfly is the awesomest and is offering an extra 20% off to complete my order. When does this expire? TODAY.

Clearly, I had quite the motivation to finish this quilt but most of all, I am so happy I could honor Emma in this way. I am not the best quilter in the world, but this took a lot of time, energy, determination and passion. I wanted to have something that we use everyday to remember that sweet little lady. Though we never got to meet her, we love her with all our being.

And best of all, the quilt makes me smile!

The last three steps of Project Baby Quilt included creating the binding, attaching it to the front side of the quilt and then sewing it to the back of the quilt. This may have the taken the cake of being my least favorite part of the process. I am terrrrrrible at attaching binding. My mother would be appalled! (Seriously, Mom, don't look too closely when I show it to you!) However, I am not perfect and neither was Emma so nor is her quilt. The end.


Project Baby Quilt {10 & 11}

We're making progress, folks.

These two days have been my least favorite so far. I'm not a huge fan of sitting on the floor, reaching beyond where I can actually reach, having to scoot up every two seconds, etc, etc. Add in that I had to go find new needles that would actually go through three layers to create my ties -- yeah, I was a teeny bit frustrated. Just ask Gspice.

However, I pulled through and made it happen.

June 20 - Gary had his wisdom teeth pulled this day so I came home from work early to take care of him. While he was resting/napping, I ran off to the Hotel to attach my three layers together. I blasted the tunes and finished in about an hour. It was also nice because we have yet to turn on the air in our house so I got a little A/C to go along with it!

June 23 - After a rather slow day at work, I was determined to finish the quilt. That didn't quite happen because I was hot and tired, but I did get through two hours of solid (TEDIOUS) work. I bought a few different sizes of needles at Wal-Mart, one of which actually when through AND had a hole big enough for the embroidery thread to go through as well. I then tied 32 ties in to the quilt, sewed the three layers together, trimmed the excess batting and backing and removed the safety pins that were no longer needed to hold the quilt together. I feel pretty good about that! I took a break to eat a juicy roma tomato, which may have been the best part :)


See You Again

Just came across this lovely tune - oh how I love Carrie Underwood!


Door Decor Craft Time {4} - Fourth of July!

After a few wreaths that took forever to make, I decided it was time to make one that was quick and super easy. This one fit the bill and it may even be my most favorite wreath so far!

I had a buddy make this with me (actually, the youngest big sis of the cutest little boy I nanny, Rose). She's a bit quirky and fun like myself and I knew if I bought some extra materials that she would likely join me in making one while Jack Attack was napping. Besides running out of ribbon, the project was super simple.

I'm sure Gary would like me to note that it was HIS idea to have the wreath hanging with the blue slightly tilted. Smarty pants. And he was so kind to go outside and take that last photo. See Peach in the window? His absolute favorite spot to be!

Project Baby Quilt {9}

Here we are, nearly half way through 2013, and revisiting this beloved baby quilt that was started so long ago. The quilt still has yet to be finished but I just now found the motivation to finish this blanket once and for all!

Part of the reason it may have taken so long? I wasn't 100% in love with the original backing I chose for this particular project. While the fabric is quite adorbs, the color combo was off. So, on May 16, 2013, I walked to the local quilt shop to buy new fabric.

Such a better fit, don't you agree?


Door Decor Craft Time {4} - the one that never was

Some of you may be wondering what happened after my last door decor post.....

Let me tell you.

I had every intention of creating something really awesome and spring-like for my Springtime Door Decor. Think GUMBALLS!
The pink ones are soooo good!

It was coming along really well but I was taking my sweet time completing it. I happened to make a ton of progress on it one day but forgot to take a picture to commemorate it. Not even an hour passed before Gary went beaming through the dining room/office and the craft toppled to the ground, splitting and breaking every which way. Gary freaked out that Peach was going to eat one of the gumballs and started raising his voice. I just giggled - it was way too funny to be at all upset. Here are some of the pretty pictures I took before it was demolished in one fell swoop. And no, I did not have the motivation to re-create it. Sorry folks!