omg shoes. cont.

I reallly like the Charlotte Dyeable ballet flat & Malina Dyeable round-toe pump.  Both would be in either silver cloud or evening mist.

Every girl needs a grey shoe!


WEDDING IDEAS - omg shoes!!

Thanks to Leta, I have some ideas for shoes!  I think I may want heels based on the dress I want, but the bridal party can certainly do sandels.  I'm thinking orange or pink so here goes:

These are adorable!  But waaaaaaaaay too high...



Centerpiece?  More pops of color depending on what paint I use...:)

Menu cards are a waste of money, but I thought this was super cute...

Picture this with a colorful frame and set by the gift table

These flowers have always intrigued me.  I hope to use these somehow.....

WEDDING IDEAS -- More Desserts!!

I may have changed my mind on the cheesecake thing.  (OMG, right??)  I still want to do cheesecake at some point so perhaps the rehearsal dinner OR bridal shower....

The cupcake idea sounds better and better as the days go by for these reasons:

1. COLORful.  I would love to incorporate more color
2. Preset; cheesecake would get soft if preset, cupcakes won't
4. they are simply adorable :)


gary's taking forever....

I was craving milk about an hour ago so Gary, the big sweetheart that he is, went to go get some.  It's now an hour later and he's still not back.  I still love him though :)

In the meantime, I went ahead and ordered some stamps for the homemade save-the-date cards we are going to make. I am SOOO excited!  I'm just waiting on guests lists now.  We'll need to get addresses, take a picture and make the cards but it will a fun project for the two of us :)

Can't wait!



I am in hyper planning mode right about now! I would absolutely love to pay for everything I possibly can right this second.  I've basically chosen the dress, the save-the-dates, the invites, the gifts, the favors.....Honestly, if I had the money, I'd buy it all.

I DID end up buying the gifts for parents and Andrew tonight.  They are going to LOVE them!  At least I hope :)
They are a SECRET until the rehearsal so they will be kept in hiding.

Oh and I bought the favors. Cheap but adorable and eco-friendly.  And did I mention 20% off??

I am so excited :)

ps:  Happy 4th.  Because it's raining, I'm watching Macy's 4th of July Fireworks on channel 7.  It'll do.


What was I thinking?

I have some good ideas once in awhile.  Today, however, was not one of those days.

When I woke up this morning, I made a personal goal to go walking/take some pictures before the end of the day.  By 7pm I was ready.  I thought, "perhaps I'll walk to whippy dip and back"  Well, when I reached the bridge right before whippy dip, I turned to walk on the dike.  Then I thought, "perhaps, I'll walk on the trail up ahead."  Well, I walk into the trail and there's bugs and it's a little hotter since there's less wind.  I then think, "perhaps I will only go for about 10 minutes."  25 minutes later, I'm still on the stupid trail.  At this point I'm fairly intrigued because I had never gone that far before so I just kept walking.  I eventually ran into the highway.  Yeah, highway 52.  "why not walk to gary."  So I preceded to walk ON THE HIGHWAY (both 52 and 9) to visit Gary.  He was surprised :)  It was cute.  Then I got some bad news.  Gary didn't drive so I had to walk all the way back to Baker.  Bummer.  By 9:15p I was back home but gosh I was tired.  Good thing I had my air conditioning on full blast.

2 hours and 15 minutes later I had walked just over 5 miles.  What was I thinking?  I did get some good pics out of the walk and also a really tasty ice cream cone. The cone however leaked allllllllllllll over my hand and pant leg.  I was a sticky hot mess.

My favorite picture of the walk:

the end.


WEDDING IDEAS -- Bridal Party!!

I love love love love love love this idea.  Button boutinnieres are just so gosh darn adorable.  It'd be a great way to incorporate more color into the guys' of the wedding too.



I am all for staying hydrated these days, but really?  I am not all about the having-to-go-to-the-bathroom-every-two-hours-or-so bit.  I guess that's better than chapped lips and a scratchy voice though right?

And just so everyone knows, I will be having a day off on Saturday, July 3.  It will be my first day off since May 31.  Oh. my. word.  I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.  Gary has to work in the morning so perhaps I'll sleep in...? maybe.

peace out.


YUM!  We are going to go with cheesecake.  Maybe cupcakes too.....I'm d.y.i.n.g. for a rainbow cupcake right about now!!

I really like the idea of having individual desserts for each person.  I have seen way too many messes in the back of the house when cutting cake so this would be a GREAT alternative for the event managers :)  and isn't it just darling adorable?