I came home from work an hour early today but to be honest, I'm surprised I lasted that long. I knew when I went in that it would be a loooong day. I felt a little weird and soon felt really warm, then really cold. Yeah, fever-like symptoms. Not my fav. Anyway, it was really only bad when I was in my office alone. When I was out and about or distracted in a meeting (I got to do some housing assignments! It brought me back to my FAVORITE part of my summer job!) it was completely fine. Eventually I mustered up the courage to ask to leave early. Believe me, I don't even understand that concept. I've never had to leave work because I was sick before. I find it weird. I'm sure that'll change though :)

Sooo yes, I took a wee little nap and I felt sooooo much better. Then, I started watching the Top Chef I missed. Bad idea. They had to cook with bugs.

Now I just feel nauseous....

and hungry....

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