Snap Yo Fangas

WOW. The past few days (and the weekend) have gone by sooooo fast, yet so very slowly at the same time.  Guess what that means.....FINALS!

This weekend was SO much fun I can hardly even stand it.  The fab four reunited for our last trip to Minneapolis aka: Mall of America.  We had a bit of car trouble so we didn't leave until 11, but it did not affect our trip one bit.  For the 2.5 hours there we rocked it to basically every single song imaginable and by the time we got to MOA, I was already sleepy.  However, that did not stop both Kendra and I shopping up a storm.  By the time Andrew and Spencer hit 2 store, we'd already been to 5 or 6.  We left the mall at close to 5 so that we could eat and be back for PARTY time by 9.  Somehow, we were able to get into Applebees without so much as a wait and sitting at the bar got us our food fast.  Our bartender was awesome and kept laughing at our jokes.  Yes, I even asked him what he thought a butterface was.  Zak probably cried when we left.  If you can imagine it, we rocked EVEN more on the way home and let me tell you, I was so excited to go out.  5 or so beers, a secret dance spot and some crazy pictures later, Finals and all that glory was knocking at my door.

And of course, I was so unprepared which means I had sooo much to pack into three days that I wanted to die.  Somehow I made it through and I am anxiously awaiting my trip to Chicago.  I am so beyond excited!  It will be aaaammmmaaaaazzzzziiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggggggggg.

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