The Bump {15} - Recap: 36-39 weeks

Little Mr. arrived a day too soon! I had a slight suspicion that if he were to come to us early, it would be on Sunday, November 17. Clearly, that was not the case and so this post wasn't completed on the day I was hoping it would, Saturday, November 16. Until now!


The last few weeks. The home stretch. Nearing the finish line.

It's truly hard to believe the time that's gone by. It goes by so slowly and so quickly all at the same time. This is probably the most difficult thing about pregnancy. You are always waiting with anxious anticipation yet hoping time would move more slowly at times too. It's been a struggle these past couple of weeks. My eager anticipation is shining more bright it seems but a part of me wishes that time would slow down too.

I have managed to get even bigger and even more uncomfortable in these last few weeks. I have consistent heartburn, swollen tree trunks and a super cranky attitude at home. Well, it's either cranky or super emotional. Sorry Gspice! He's been such an amazing partner through this whole experience. I really couldn't imagine going through this with anyone else. I remember one night where I must have gotten incredibly anxious. It was around 36 weeks so really, I'm surprised it hasn't happened since! I woke up one evening after having a super uncomfortable coughing fit (with you know, my favorite friend, Acid Reflux) which lasted for over 20 minutes. This lead to uncontrollable shaking and shivers. Not my idea of a fun thing to go through at 2:45 a.m. I basically cried out of misery and decided I didn't want to cry alone so woke up my sweet husband to console me. See, he's pretty cool :)

Here are two of the things that I have loved most about my pregnancy with Mini Mr:

The movement. 
There is something truly magical about feeling your little one moving and kicking. I can be having the worst day and this ALWAYS brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits. I think, too, that going from one pregnancy with barely any movement to one with tons of movement - I really appreciate the reassurance it brings me. I also absolutely love when Gary can feel him kick and jab. The look of complete joy, excitement and wonder on his face are the same looks that made me fall in love him in the first place. It's so special to watch.

The time I took to do things I really enjoy.
I know that when Owen arrives that our lives are going to drastically change. I'm ready for the change but know that I may not spend as much time doing things I like to do. Really, when you have a cute baby, who cares about that? What I mean by this is that being pregnant gave me such an incredible sense of freedom. I took this pregnancy as a time to do things that I really wanted to do be doing. That just means we had less clean dishes or went a little longer without clean laundry...

Now with eager anticipation, we wait. Owen will arrive whenever he pleases and I sure hope we're ready!

I managed to take a few photos as well despite having zero motivation to look pretty!

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