A Day at Pinter's!

On a sunny October day, the Camp and Wiest families went on a little field trip to Pinter's. Despite the wind, the trip was super fun and an awesome way to spend a lovely fall day. We all agreed this would be a great place to take little ones when they got a little older too. There were so many fun games for kids to play, animals to fond over and a few games that would trip the triggers of those adults that are still little kids at heart (aka, our husbands!)

Like I said, little kids at heart.

Staredown. Erin won.

Our bumps at 34w4d. I think Gspice is going to have a bigger baby than me...

Erin is such a little trouble maker!

And this is where it takes her! (and Gary!)

And perhaps the best part of it all? The BEST cupcake I've had in a very long time. Holy cow.

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Amanda said...

Looks like an awesome day!! One day, all the Oelrich sisters and all the babies will go out for the day!