In another life I'd be....

a computer programmer. hands down would have made my 8-hour work day a LOT better.

Back in the grind tomorrow.

Prayers for tomorrow:

1. I hope I found the right how-to guide
2. I hope that both tech parties will help me
3. I hope that it becomes resolved quickly and efficiently
4. I hope that I don't have to touch this problem again for a very long time.
5. a very long time.


Bridget said...

What problem are you having?

Praying for you!!

v.wiest said...

website crisis. it's been terrible

Bridget said...

Did you get it figured out?? I totally understand..working at KK, being the one in charge of setting up a new website. No fun when you have no clue what you're doing! Just think of how much you are learning. A new skill/accomplishment to add to the resume!