Lazy days

shutterfly, HIMYM, top chef.

What an amazing way to spend my first day of thanksgiving break.  I thought about doing some homework, but.........and that's as far as that idea went.

I've been pretty bitter about school for the past few days considering everyone was able to turn in their completed senior papers yesterday and I was able to take my completed senior paper and throw it down the drain.  POOPY PANTIES.  I am soooooooooo pissed but you know what, I will just have to work my ass off next semester to prove to chuckers that I Do write well.

(Screw you.)

However, given how my day has gone, everything will be just fine.  I slept in, updated my shutterfly photo books, watched the first two disks of how i met your mother S1, bought my babe's christmas present AND to top it off, i'm having a top chef viewing marathon.  awesome.



Gary Wiest said...

Hey, awesome blog. I can't wait to read more of these. You've always been the most interesting person in my life and now others will know that too.

I love you, Vanessa.

Amanda said...

cool, now I have a reason to start writing in mine again! So, they didn't accept your paper?!?