Your Thoughts

I am up late working on something major. By major, I mean life changing. I'm too jazzed to sleep and poor Gary says he's staying up as long as I do. Looks like we'll both be dragging tomorrow. But seriously, it's worth it.

I have had this life-changing idea in my head for about a year now. It has gradually grown and I finally decided to look in to it a bit more.

What's this big idea? Well, I'm considering getting a license to teach. I have come to realize that child development truly amazes and fascinates me. I constantly am in awe of how children grow and learn and explore and create. They are so inspiring it's ridiculous. Why can't we all stay young forever? I feel like we'd accomplish so much more. Okay, maybe not. Also, I made it a commitment when we moved back to Decorah to pursue things that were meaningful and purposeful. This change would be both of those things.

I'm considering Luther's elementary education program with an math endorsement and/or a early childhood endorsement.  I recognize that this would be an incredible commitment, both financially, professional and personally. I'd become a student again full-time, have less time to work thus making less money, and we'd have to put off having children at least for a year or two more. Am I willing to do all of those things? Yes but only after some major thought.

I broke the news to my beloved husband at midnight as he was saying we should be going to bed. He said he'd support me in any decision I made and I love him for that. We will have further conversations about this of course, but his blessing is so sweet. He loves me :)

I also plan to talk to someone at Luther about this. An admissions counselor? An advisor? I'm not sure, but someone.

Lastly, what is your opinion? I'm open to it so give it to me!

Now hopefully, I can stop thinking about this long enough to fall asleep. I've got work, houses to visit, and a dinner date with a friend tomorrow!


Linda Oelrich said...

Well I think you really do need to think about this. It's a really hard to get a job in the teaching now. You seem to really like your job. Or has that changed. You really do need to think about this. But i know you will. Love you

Amanda said...

yeah, teaching jobs may be a little hard to get, but if it's something you'd really like doing, it wouldn't hurt to have the degree. Luther's expensive though, any thought about an online program? Good luck! You are thinking about doing something I wouldn't do again, no more school for me!

v.wiest said...

Oh I really like my job. That hasn't changed. I just keep thinking that while I do like it, I'm doing it more for the money than anything else. For right now that's fine, but am I going to be happy doing it 20 years down the line? I'm not so sure.

As far as getting a license, I also know getting a job would be very difficult. That's where my other degree comes in. I'll keep jobs in that discipline until something pops up. If any, I could be a substitute teacher for awhile. My main reason for wanting to do this is to find a job that will hold meaning for me not only in the present, but in MANY years to come.

Also, with Luther, now that I've graduated, I get half tuition (or something along those lines. I would definitely consider other options but what I like about Luther is that it has an accredited education program. Not many colleges in Iowa have that. Luther also has a 94-95% placement rate upon graduation. That's pretty good...

Thanks for the thoughts!!

Amanda said...

Ill call u and talk to you later!

Bridget said...

What if you kept doing what you're doing, buy a house, work hard to pay off your existing student loan and any credit card debt (if you have any), maybe have a kid or two :), and volunteer in a classroom setting...and THEN go back? Perhaps when the kids start school or perhaps sooner than that. That would give you plenty of time to think about it. If it's something you'll enjoy your entire career, then a couple years to mull it over really makes little difference.