So Long, Farewell!

I am pleased to announce that I have officially broken through the 130lb barrier that I've been latched on to for 3 months. Get excited, folks. I weighed in at 129.4lbs after a long, lovely wii fit workout. I'll likely hover over the 130lb barrier for awhile but who cares. I have been waiting for this day for weeeeeeks.

I am also happy to say that all it takes it portion control, drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies and getting in a good workout.

Easy peasy.


Bridget said...

GREAT job!!!!

Empty Nester said...

Way to go, wish I could get out of my slump for months for my 32 weight loss. I do know what I should be doing now though. Wish me luck!!!

v.wiest said...

Thanks! It feels really good to see even that little bit of progress.

Mom - I found a couple wii fit exercises that you might like or feel that you could do. I spend quite awhile in the Balance section which are easier to do yet still burn a few calories. The one I am thinking of for you though is the free walk under the Aerobics section. You can pick how long you want to "free walk" (basically steps - stepping on to the board then off, repeatedly for however long you choose). And the cool thing is is that you can switch over to real TV and watch something there while you free step. Just be sure to keep the wii fit remote in your hand otherwise it will lose connection. I like to watch all those shows I missed during the week when doing this.

If you find you want more of a challenge, do the free run! That is simply jogging in place at your own pace.