Less than 9 months to go...

Gary and I had our engagement photo session with Tessa Cole of Sackett Photography on Friday.  We were SO excited about it all day long and even though I had to work my behind off the entire day leading up to it, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Tessa for one is the sweetest girl alive.  She's super cute and super pregnant :)  She's got 2 months left and I can't wait to meet the sweet little peanut!  Tessa made us feel so comfortable and it allowed us to really show how much we love each other.  Teasers of the session will be up on Facebook soon and I CANNOT wait to see the rest in 6-8 weeks. I will definitely make a book out of them.  The session also gave me that much needed motivation to plan things.  Unfortunately for me, I still work 70+ hours a week.  Bummer.  Come August though I will be a planning frenzy.  I CAN'T wait!

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