Last name EVER, First name GREATEST.

Dear annoying fly that won't stop charging at my face,

I am dreadfully sorry but I am much too busy trying to be lazy to keep swapping you away from my messy head.  It's already difficult enough to be lying down, with my head perfectly situated on my pillows, computer on lap, tv still in view, the city marathoning AND working on spending some dough.  Yes, I am buying some chacos. finally.  You are keeping me from doing all of that right now.  Please stop and just go away.  Thank you.

On a different note, I want to start reading some books now that I have more time on my hands.   It's not like I have a wedding to plan or anything ;)

#1 is with Gary berries :)
The 5 Love Languages.

This was recommended to me by my awesome ATHENA co-worker who is back in the beautiful Chicago without me :( tear.  It will help Gary and I to better understand what our own personal love languages are and to better communicate our needs to eachother.  I'm excited because I need to treat Gary with more respect and better tone.  I love him to pieces and can't wait to show it better and more efficiently.  However, I will keep this part to myself = a creepy-ass looking bug was flying on my bedroom wall so I took his book to try and smush it.  I threw the book at it and missed completely and then THAT bug charged me too. I screamed like a little girl. It was embarrassing even for me....

#2 is for me and me alone.
Live a Little!

This book will hopefully help me to do just that, "LIVE A LITTLE!" I stress and worry over absolutely silly things and this will help me let loose :)  Should be interesting.  Even better - Look at the cover! I'm dying already :)

Laaaaaaaastly, I LOVED THE BACHELORETTE FINALE!  I as always read all the spoilers at the very beginning and Reality Steve is never wrong.  Thankfully, he told me a lie.  I was a little bummed the entire season because he said that she was single at the end of the show.  But now that it's finally over and she and Roberto are together, I sure hope they stay together.  They look so happy and genuinely in love.  It makes me love love even more.  I hope they get married. On tv. soon. :)  I bought some wine before the show and coincidentally I bought a bottle with the name "ALI" on it.  Weird.  I actually bought it because it was sangiovese...(yum!) I then proceeded to drink 3 glasses....

Hit it and quit it.

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