Today was "Bring your dog to the pool" day.  Awesome.  Gary and I decided not to be lazy and go over to the pool to watch for a little bit. Best.Idea.Ever.  There were so many dogs running around! Big, little, super big....It made me reaaaalllllllllly want a dog though :( we saw two that were absolutely gorgeous.  Just beautiful.

Ok fine, this wasn't actually taken at the pool but you get the idea. I loved every second of it.  Too bad it was so dang hot. I can't stand it... CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!

On another note, I've been stricken with nostalgia for freshmen year.  The young'ins moved in yesterday and all I could do was to think back to all the fun I had and actually wish that was back there.  Now that I'm no longer at Luther, I want to go back. I'll deal though.  No homework is NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE.

Gary and I will FINALLY be working on our save-the-dates tomorrow! YAY :) My goal was to have them sent out by Sept 1.  We'll see...............................:)

Peace out!

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Vanessa said...

Sept 13th (my birthday :)) = save-the-dates were completed.

I got lazy and they sat in our room until Sept 19th.

Oops :)