Breakfast woes

I had a tomato for breakfast this morning. That and a tall glass of milk.

It was strangely satisfying but of course, at 9am or so, I was starving. Perhaps I should have eaten the second one :)

Seriously though, breakfast is sooooo annoying to me. I've never been a big morning eater, especially for what most people consider "normal" breakfast food. Toast? No, PB&J? No, but that's what I've been eating most mornings these days. French toast? Sure, but I never seem to be in the mood. Eggs? Love them but not so much anymore. I also only care for scrambled but even that is not doing much for me. Cereal? gross. I had that for awhile at the beginning but I really can't stand it. Soggy cereal makes me gag. Ew. Things like yogurt and fruit or granola, I WISH I LIKED THIS STUFF! Maybe I should try it now that I've got different food preferences.

As you can see, my choices of "normal" bkf food are quite limited. If only I could go back to my middle school and high school days where I came early to discover they were serving PIZZA for breakfast. Oh how I loved that pizza. That and their taco pizza. If I were to miss two things about Starmont, those would be it.

Snacks are a whole other debacle. I'm trying, people. Really.

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Anonymous said...

Why not just eat pizza for breakfast?