The soon-to-be-OURS home!

Gary and I have purchased a home! We're nearing the end of the process so it's still not a 100% done deal but I'd say we're 98% there. Our closing & possession date is June 29. Gary and I both have a few days off to paint and vacuum and move everything in. We also bought us some furniture today. That's expected to be delivered on Monday, July 2. Get excited!!

Here are some pictures I took during our first tour and the inspection.

pretty purple front door!!

living room - main floor

in the dining/sitting room, looking in to the living room

sitting area - this is probably where we'd have the dining table. maybe.

their table - i'm thinking a desk of some sort.


kid's play room :-) how cute

basement - great place for storage


bathroom - 2nd floor

kid's room - they've got two boys

the mr. & mrs. suite

looks like room for a really cool DIY show piece

down the stairs to the front door. the end.

I've been thinking about paint color for awhile now and we're leaning towards painting ALL the trim in the place white and having various shades of cream. We, however, bought pewter colored living room furniture. In our forever home, we want various shades of grey so that'd be perfect but I may need to make a slipcover for now...I seem some funky patterns in our future!

Here's a picture of the furniture we bought - one couch and two of the accent chairs. no tables or decor. I wasn't sold on the accent fabric but we both LOVED the chair itself. Sold.

We also bought a mattress. a pretty, pretty new KING-size mattress. Who's excited? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! No more hogging the bed, Gary Spice!

Oh and did I mention we saved many, many, MANY dolla billz because of the Memorial Day Sales. Thanks Slumberland!

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Linda Oelrich said...

I think this is an adorable lookin home. I can't wait to come visit. It has been so long since you only had a room and also you work so much. So soon you will have a whole house. I am so proud of you and Gary.