Beefy Grills

What a beautiful snowy day!  After each snowfall, my annoyance actual lessens if you can believe it. I have a good feeling spring is just around the corner so these snowfalls don't feel so bad. I know it'll end soon or at least sooner than our very first snowfall. That's a good feeling!

What else made for a good day? Seeing more beastly trucks in one area than I'd seen in a long time. And no, car lots don't count. I drove past the movie theatre twice today to the view of lines and lines of trucks, so many that they spilled over to the bowling alley across the street.

There's nothing sexier than a line of super masculine trucks with beefy grills on the front.

GIGGLES! I've said that line to myself now three times and I still laugh (out loud)!

Am I joking? Not in the least. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a photo...

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