Dishwasher Saga Continues

A few of you already know this, but our poor dishwasher has bit the dust. Yes, it happened on the very next cycle I attempted after using Lemi-Shine for the first time. No, I am not attributing the dead dishwasher to Lemi-Shine. I'm guessing that the front control panel is the culprit and to be honest, I have no interest in bringing another repairman over to speculate the issue, lay down a hefty bill and then still have an older dishwasher that will have to be replaced before we move out of here anyway.  And what if it can't be fixed? We'll have had paid that hefty bill AND bought a new dishwasher. Ouch.

So, should we buy a new dishwasher and have it be relatively old by the time we move out of here? Or would that not be considered old? I'm guessing we'll be out of here in 5 years or so.

OR do we suck it up and have someone repair the dishwasher? I'm not sure the exact age of the unit, but it looks a little dated.


Update:  I found the model and serial numbers this morning - our dishwasher is but a baby! It was manufactured on August 24, 2009...

I'm torn.


Amanda said...

new dishwasher, watch out for sales

Linda Oelrich said...

I vote for new one too. They are now so eco friendly now.