I haven't taken too many nice photos of Owen because I never have my camera out and ready plus I'm not loving the lighting that I always capture when I do use my camera (ie - read your manual, Vanessa).

My goal over the course of the next nine months is to get to know my camera better and of course, take more photos with it. I depend way too much on instagram, and while I do ABSOLUTELY love it, I prefer to have nicer photos in case I want to blow up a photo for decor later on. Just to keep me motivated, let's brainstorm some smaller goals to achieve to help this massive goal, shall we?

1. Read camera manual once, take notes
2. Test concepts from manual to perfect capturing the right lighting and shooting indoors or outdoors
3. Capture Owen purposely at least twice a month - again to help test the concepts I'm supposed to be learning
4. Read camera manual again
5. Try to blog about what I'm learning and to show off our little cutie
6. Don't stop using instagram!

And to start this new goal off with a bang, here is an adorable series of photos of Little Mr. himself, with the slowest toppling over movement I've ever seen. It was adorbs. And yes, the lighting blows.

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Amanda said...

Gosh, he is such a handsome boy!