Little Mr. {Seven Months}

Here we are at month #7! The days go by slowly but the months fly. Like really fly. Owen, can you go back to being teeny tiny again?

Not much has changed from Owen's last update. He's still as busy as ever and showing us more and more of his adorable personality. He is such a happy baby. Always smiling, cooing, bouncing and squealing. Owen's a true ham. I have to say though, I may see a little bit of separation anxiety coming about. He'll be playing well all by himself with us in the room, but dare we leave - "NO!" The crying will immediately commence. And when we return - "YES!" The crying immediately goes away. I just think he wants an audience :)

Feeding him real food has been so much fun. I didn't realize how ridiculously easy it would be. Bake or steam, puree. Easy peasy. I will FOR SURE write a blog about that soon. Though Owen gets jarred or packaged baby food at daycare, we feed him all real food at home. To add to the list from last month (banana, avocado, sweet potatoes and pears) he's had sweet peas, carrots, broccoli, fuji apples and red potatoes. And by no surprise, he's enjoyed them ALL! I hope to introduce meat soon like chicken or turkey.

We hit a HUGE milestone this past month. Milestone may be too strong a word but it was huge for me. We took away Owen's swaddle! Up until this point I couldn't possible fathom how he'd sleep without it. On several occasions I tempted to wean him from the wonderful Halo Sleep Sack. We had his right hand out for quite a few weeks but got so nervous about letting both hands out. He'd roll over, get stuck and WHAAAAAAAAIL. He absolutely hated not being to roll back over. Okay, so back to one hand we went. Then it got ridiculously warm one or two nights. We then got nervous about him overheating so we took the whole thing off. Completely off. And as you have it, we haven't looked back. Now that we've had a few weeks of no swaddle under our belt, I can confirm that Owen is a tummy sleeper. I rarely see him sleeping on his back anymore. I'm totally okay with that now because he can roll freely both ways and turn his head to sleep.

Unfortunately we do not have another check up until Owen is nine months. Guess who broke down and bought a baby weight.....sorry Gspice. Seriously though, I've wanted to buy one ever since Owen got sick at nine weeks. I somehow made it until seven months. I'll update this post when I get those stats :)

I told you he was a ham! See that big smile on his face - rarely goes away! (Notice also that his mouth opens wider and wider with each month. Cute!)

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