DIY Bedroom Art

This is the real-life story of a DIY project of epic procrastination.

I had my eye on this particular project for quite awhile. Problem was, I could only find this particular image but no supporting details from its original location (you know, like within someone else's blog and such). Without the instructions I was a little nervous to try this out myself. I am soooo not a fly-by-the-seat -of-your-pants type of person. I love instructions. Detailed, numbered, listed instructions. With none, I just let the idea roll around in my head for well over a year.
Then, during one of my "let's be crafty and productive" shopping trips to Wal-Mart six to eight months ago, I grabbed 4 - 11x14 canvases and a crap ton of blue and white acrylic paint. I determined that the 11x14 was a little too big so again, I just sat on the project.

Then, on another one of my "let's be crafty and productive" shopping trips to Wal-Mart four to five months ago, I grabbed the 8x10 canvases and the rest of the supplies I needed. After determining these were a perfect fit, I let the project sit a little longer for no reason whatsoever.

A month later, I finally got down to business (with a busy boy to care for, my "let's be crafty and productive" bits don't come around too often!). I was nervous to paint the letters but it wasn't too difficult and am quite pleased with how this step turned out! First, I painted three coats of blue. Then, I painted the letters free form so if I can do it, so can you! I also painted the sides to make it look continuous (if you look at it on an angle - check out my final pic below). One thing you don't need to do is buy so many little bottles. I completed everything with one bottle of blue and one bottle of white. My bad!

The next step was to attach the hanging pieces. The instructions I had for that made it seem WAY easier than it actually was. I should have been able to twist the eyehooks in myself. Yeah, right! Three weeks after that, I was visiting my parents and decided I needed my dad's help to get this part done. Out came his handy dandy electric drill to save the day! I was able to twist the eyehooks in and attach the hanging wire easily after that. Thanks, Dad!

And now, here we are, nearly two full years later, I've finally hung up these bad boys to their rightful home. I am not so proud of my productivity to actually finish this rather simple project but quite pleased with how it turned out. Couple this new bedroom art with new bedding AND a completely painted-all-by-myself ceiling....This is much better than how this room started! (I should mention that way back when we painted our living room in December 2012, we also painted our bedroom a beige color to match every single other room in the upstairs - not sure why we did that, but oh well!)

I have dreams of adding in a small gallery wall in this large open space to the right of this picture. Given my track record, I'm sure this will be completed in a couple years or more but I've already drawn up a plan and figured out which photos I want to use. That's something right?!

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