A Day at Pinter's {2015}

Another amazing trip to Pinter's is complete! I'm already looking forward to next year when we have more toddlers running around!

Our trip to Pinter's this year was carefully planned out weeks in advance. It had more to do with my busy schedule and making sure to get that day off than it did was potential weather concerns. I truly didn't even think about it or even check the weather days in advance. Somehow, it was one of the most beautiful fall days we've had yet this year. Holy moly.

The day started with a trip to Pizza Ranch for lunch. It was honestly an adorable scene to see all four littles sitting at the table. Liza and Jack were in their high chairs and Erin and Owen sat in booster seats. I'd even go as far as saying they were perfect little angels! We haven't taken the kids out to eat ourselves in awhile because I'm always afraid Owen will be really loud and disruptive but this was a whole different experience. Though next time, I need to remember to put on the bib I brought for him. #Mommyfails

When we arrived at Pinter's, we made sure to get our main photos right away - you know, prior to any potential meltdowns. It worked like a charm though no one even ended up having a meltdown during the 1.5-2 hours we were there. And one day, those littles will all understand that they will WANT to put their head in the holes. It was a little bit of a struggle but what can you do?

Aren't they cute????? Now, get ready for a bajillion photos. You've been properly forewarned...

Dink. Dink. Each took just one hit..


Owen loved the animals

"I didn't have fun"

This was very much a successful trip to Pinter's. 
However, we couldn't get our kiddos to look in to the camera with our last family photos. Oh well!

See you next year, Pinter's! 

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