I wanna get chocolate wasted!

This is the time of year I ALWAYS look forward to: Daylight Savings Time. That extra hour of sleep is something I dream about for months before it's actually supposed to happen. Literally.

Somehow, though, I always figure out some way to completely under-utilize that extra hour. No, let's go with UN-utilize. Let me recap my day.

Saturday, November 5
approx. 8:30a - wake up
1.5 hours of wii fit
read one chapter in my book
2:15p - go to work
run up and down the stairs for 8 hours
10:40p - come home from work
poop around on the computer

Sunday, November 6
12:00a - watch 2 episodes of Dexter
2:00a that has now become 1a - try to fall asleep
the actual 2a - finally fall asleep
8:30a - wake up

How much sleep did I get? 6.5 hours. Realllly? This happens every time! Talk about completely wasted.

However, I knew this was going to be the case. As you may recall - I wii fitted for 1.5 hours. In that 1.5 hours I jogged in place for 30 minutes (while watching a top chef rerun!) and then did the bike thing twice, once on the ocean scenic view course which then opened up the expert level. I thought, why not?!

That was a bad idea. It took me 42 WHOLE MINUTES to complete the expert level.

At the time this was perfectly fine. I was feeling good and ready for work. But what happened at work? What normally happens of course - running up and down the stairs! I'm pretty sure I was running for 90% of my shift. What a great workout but wholly buckets my legs and feet were on fire. 

To recap - it was my overstimulated lower limbs and and overstimulated mind that kept me awake. Let's keep that in mine for next time.


Empty Nester said...

I wish I had your modivation. Lucky if I just get out of bed!!

v.wiest said...

That is one thing about myself that I am working to improve. I want to be able to say that my motivation (& follow through) is through the roof :)