What's for Dinner {36} Pizza using a pre-made Boboli crust

On a whim, I decided to buy something new. I saw it on Ibotta with a $1.50 off coupon and I was immediately sold. I just hoped it would be decent enough to eat with the family. I'm pretty picky when it comes to pizza crust so I'll admit, I was a little weary.

Not only was it a decent meal, it may have been the best pizza we've ever made/had! Who would have thought?? THANKS BOBOLI!

We opted for the only one our Walmart carries - the thin crust. Truly, I do think this is the only one I'd like. Too much crust is disgusting! We had some Prego pizza sauce already in the fridge so we topped it off with some hot sausage and cheese. Done and done. Oh wait, I did add a few extra red pepper flakes too. Gspice still thought it was amazeballs so it did the trick.

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