Baby Jack {Seven Months}

Baby Jack is growing like a weed right before our eyes. It still amazes me how quickly squishy newborns become wiggly babies then talking and walking toddlers. I'm doing my very best to try and soak it all up but man it goes by so darn fast.

With how busy I've become, there's literally not a ton of time to devote to loving on my babes. But one of my most favorite things to do is to snuggle or play gently in the early morning hours. Jack is doing better these days and can go through most the night on a moderately consistent basis. However, he might wake up somewhere between 6-7 a.m. and be up for the day. I'll just sneak him in to our bed and snuggle up right next to him. I often get slapped in the face or scratched if I haven't cut his nails in awhile (only because I can't find the clippers!) but I don't care. It's been such a great way to start my day.

Thankfully, Jack is definitely doing better in the sleeping department. We've changed his daily routine a bit which is probably helping but Jack has never been a big drinker. He takes in bottles very slowly and it's not often above 5-6 oz. So when bedtime rolls around and he only wants 4-6 of the 8 oz we prepare, we know he'll wake up at some point to eat. I try to combat that by feeding him the rest a couple of hours later as he's laying there with eyes shut. I don't even pick him up. Is that bad? I've noticed when I do that, he can go until morning. And when I have overnight duties (we switch on and off every other night), I will let him cry it out if he does wake in the night. That's happened a couple of times and he simply falls asleep on his own after awhile.

As for moving him downstairs, we certainly could at this point but I'm having some reservations.
  • Renovation: The space isn't completely finished. While I'd be fine moving him there, that will simply prolong how much longer it will take to complete everything. But let's be real, it's going to take forever regardless.
  • Temperature: We haven't turned on our heat yet because we have space heaters upstairs. If I move him downstairs, I would definitely have to turn it on or at least move the space heater down with him. That wouldn't be so bad. I like it colder when I sleep anyway. Gpsice doesn't so that'd be the problem.
  • Peach Pickles: Peaches goes a little stir crazy sometimes and makes a lot of noise. That would most certainly wake Jack up.
  • Weekend Napping: I was concerned about weekends a little bit too but I found a solution for that. I bought a travel crib for our room that he can use for naps during the day.
Sooooo, should we still move him or not? I can't decide.

I noticed that Jack would be getting another tooth soon a few of weeks ago. It finally popped through last week so Little Mr. now has two! They are slowly making their appearance more noticeable and boy are they cute! I'm happy to report there was no ear infection this time around (YAY!) However, there were a few rough nights in there. Poor guy! He did manage to get a cold a few days ago too and needed to be held constantly after he came home from daycare. Why yes, little one, I will hold you. I looooove to hold Jack. He's such a happy baby.

If you saw the latest video on facebook, you also know that Jack can sit up! I thought I had talked to Gary about this but apparently with how crazy our life is right now, I most definitely did not. Sorry Gspice!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had to see it for the first time with all of you. I'll make it up to you, I promise! Jack isn't showing signs of crawling just yet which is absolutely fine with me. Let's hold off on that for a few more months, yes? K, thanks.

While I haven't been all that great in making the food, Jack has tried a lot of different things so far. Peas, carrots, avocado, broccoli, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peaches and green beans. I did end up buying some baby food from Wal-mart, but I tried to limit it to items that I simply didn't want to prepare myself. I also noticed that I wasn't getting the consistency I wanted - it was more towards stage 2 or 3. So until then, I'm fine buying the food. Easy Peasy.

As I mentioned above, we did switch up his daily routine. Jack now follows something like this:

7 am - wake up, 4-5 oz, new food
9 am - nap time
11 am - fruit or veg, rice cereal, 5-6 oz approx 30 minutes later
1 pm - nap time
3 pm - fruit or veg, rice cereal, 5-6 oz approx 30 minute later
5 pm - might take a cat nap though he's starting to transition out of this
7 pm - aim for an 8 oz bottle and bedtime

With teething and the cold, naps haven't been the best nor has he been drinking as much so we aim for this schedule without any sort of expectations.

Begrudgingly, I will admit that we cut Jack's hair on September 19. Gspice was adamant for months that we needed to get it cut. He didn't like how the sides kept getting matted to Jack's face overnight. That's a fair point I suppose.... But his hair was soooo cute! I really struggled with getting it cut but one day we just decided to do it. As the hair stylist started to cut I knew immediately I would regret the decision. I'm honestly still really sad about it. I miss his curls! I finally understand why people get a little crazy about this. I had absolutely no problem cutting Owen's hair when he was younger. He actually looked cuter with it cut. Not that Jack isn't cute now but he just looks so much different. And no, I did not keep any locks for his baby book. Not by style, folks.

7-Month Mommy Guesses (I have no clue so these are legit guesses!)
Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz
Height: 26.75 in

6-Month Appointment (9/8/2015)
Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz
Height: 26.5 in

5-Month Mommy Guesses

Weight: 16 lbs 1 oz
Height: 26.25 in

4-Month Appointment (7/7/2015)
Weight: 14 lbs 13 oz
Height: 25.75 in

3-Month Mommy Guesses
Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz
Height: 24.25 in

2-Month Appointment (5/8/2015)

Weight: 12 lb
Height: 23.75 in

Mommy-wants-a-weight-check-kinda-visit (5/1/2015)

Weight: 11 lb 9 oz

Add'l Doctor Visit (4/16/2015)
Weight: 11 lb 

2-Week Appointment (3/26/2015)

Weight: 9 lb 8 oz
Height: 21.5 in

Newborn (3/6/2015)                  
Weight: 8 lb 14 oz           
Height: 21.5 in

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