Owen {3 Years!}

Holy cow, Owen is 3! It's absolutely INSANE.

I've always thought that child development is so incredibly interesting and with my children it's no exception. Owen has made some pretty big leaps this past year. Heck, the past six months! As I reflect back, it becomes so clear that he's growing up and getting more and more independent. I wasn't prepared for that to happen so soon so every time he's able to do something that was more difficult for him before or something that freaked him out before, I almost can't believe what I see. Let's talk about some of those moments, shall we?

Moment #1  |  Doctor Visits
Owen used to despise going to the doctor. As you might recall from his 2-year update, Owen would see where we were headed and cry the very moment we stepped out of the car. Cry while we got registered. Cry and resist walking to the waiting room. There, he might calm down a bit but the moment the nurse called his name, more tears. We'd fight to get his height and weight and then drag him into the patient room. Owen despised the nurses and cried hysterically when receiving shots. The one thing that was always fine was visiting with the doctor. That part was always relatively easy and made me think that it was possible to survive doctor visits. But then we went to get a flu shot and there were no tears. Legit, no tears. It probably helped that we went as a family and he got to see his daddy get one first. But then we went in for his 3-year appointment and again, NO TEARS. WOW.

Moment #2  |  Hair Cuts
Both boys have gotten a lot of hair cuts in their short lives. Our last experience was um....in a word, intense. We decided that the boys needed a hair cut before Leta and Zach's wedding in July but we couldn't get them in to their normal hairdresser. We aren't good at planning too far in advance (hence my need for a bullet journal!) and she's a busy lady! So we decided to go to the SmartStyle Hair Salon while one of us went shopping at Walmart. I've worked hard to block this from my memory so I don't recall who went first but oh my goodness, both boys screamed and cried hysterically during their 10 minute hair cuts. I sat with them on my lap so I had a front row seat to the very loud and embarrassing show. Mind you, I wasn't personally embarrassed. I don't freak out when kids are wild and crazy. I sympathize because I get it! But I know that there are people out there that don't. I was embarrassed for them. And believe me, I'm sure just about everyone in Walmart that night heard our children. And thank you to the other sympathizer out there that paid for the boys' haircuts. That was a sweet gesture from someone who was getting their haircut at the same time. Once the boys' hair got to long again this fall, I was stunned marched right up and sat down on the chair. All. By. Himself. Now that was a holy $#!% moment (and then we took an embarrassing amount of photos. The hairdresser MUST think we're such weirdos)

Moment #3  |  Little Mermaid
My sister called me up on night and asked if Owen and I would like to go see Little Mermaid, the HS musical for West Delaware. I agreed without much thought but I will admit that I was a little nervous. We had to drive 90+ minutes to get there and then needed to sit still during the entire 2.5 hour show. I wasn't so sure that would happen. But the real wonder, he was quiet the entire time. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Owen is not a quiet kid. Not in the least bit quiet so when he practically didn't say a word in the car on the way down (because he was playing nicely) and then sat through the show without a peep, I was amazed. It was an awesome show and it definitely helped that he had Zach's lap to sit on for most of the show. Owen even had the guts to ask Ariel for an autograph afterwards and can't stop saying "Ariel" at home. He wants to go see Ariel so it looks like that's what he'll be getting for Christmas :)

Owen has made such big leaps in development and as you can see, it's been so fascinating. He's now potty trained during the day, he is going to an independent art class, and is skipping his naps sometimes. My goodness, my little boy is growing up! I can't wait to see what he's like a year from now!

We do have one big struggle. Life with Owen is often a major power struggle. He's got quite the attitude and has to have what he wants right this very second. That's definitely something we're working on and slowly but surely we will get there. For everyone's sake, we have to! If you have insight to this, please let us know how you overcame it. Our parental survival depends on it! We can't let Owen take us down!

Now for the fun part of the updates - height and weight measurements. I have small kiddos but it sure is cool to see how much they've grown over time.

3-Year Appointment (11/17/2016)
Weight: 29.5 lb
Height: 36 in

2-Year Appointment (11/10/2015)

Weight: 25 lb
Height: 33.25 in

18-Month Appointment (5/15/2015)
Weight: 23 lb
Height: 30.5 in


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