Jack {21 Months!}

As I start thinking about writing the kids' next update, I always reference the last post or two to see what I wrote last time, to see what might have progressed since then or to reference any other changes. With Jack recently turning T-W-O (how did this happen?!?), I was desperately trying to find his 21-month update on the blog and his baby book. Well, I apparently didn't write one! So, here we are, a few months after I would have originally posted it!

Jack is still a very sweet, cuddly momma's boy which literally melts my heart. Owen is more independent and prefers his daddy so it's nice to have one prefer me just to even it out. Jack is so excited when you come into the room, will run up to you to give you a big hug. He'll give lots of kisses (which is probably why he and I get sick so often these days!) and high fives and knucks. I hope he stays this sweet forever! Jack would win over all the ladies if he does :)

On the flip side, Jack also has a tendency to freak out a bit these days. He still melts to the floor but not nearly as badly as he has in the past. Instead, he'll just scream at the top of his lungs. It's such a pleasant sound.....NOT! It sure gets his point across though so I'll give him that.

A perk of having two kids close together is that they will likely go through developmental stages in a similar time frame. As Owen has learned how to use the potty, Jack has definitely become more and more interested. We talked about training him but decided to wait until he was in the next classroom at daycare. At this point, that's only a little over a week away so we might start training in a few months after he's adjusted to his new routine! Diapers have never really bothered me but it'll be nice not to have to spend so much money on them.

With the weather being pretty nice from September-December, we had quite a few adventures during this time. I'm so happy I was able to be with the boys more after deciding to stop working my second job. It's provided so many great memories! 

As far as stats go, his next appointment was at his two-year well child check and boy, am I excited to share that with you! Until then, here are some photos from all of our adventures!

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