The ONLY negative from our wedding weekend :)

Disclaimer: This isn't the nicest post I've written. It's me getting some frustration out on "paper" and honestly, I may end up deleting it down the road. Read with caution and know that I have forgotten all about this unfortunate situation.

I want to get this out of the way because really, our wedding was perfect. I loved every second of it. I loved spending the week prior with Gary, working our buns off to make everything happen, even taking pictures in below freezing weather at 9am. The one part I didn't like? That would definitely be the part where our musician flaked. She has yet to tell me she wouldn't make it or even to apologize. I'm a little bit frustrated because I really want to take the high road but as the days go by I actually become a bit more upset by it. ( a blog about how much fun Gary & I had with all our friends and family and PICTURES will soon follow :)! Stay tuned)

This particular person was a friend of mine. She's a fun, flamboyant, sassy girl that can always brighten the room. She was very nice to me while I was without my friends in Decorah post-college. I found myself hoping she'd be working when Gary & I would go to Tbocks. That is actually where she and I first talked about her playing for Gary & my wedding. She happily accepted. From there, it was on both of our back burners. I must admit, I wasn't too concerned about the music at our wedding because I knew how She played and what she could do. About a month before, I decided to start nailing some details down. This friend and I decided to meet at Rubaiyat for drinks & dinner to discuss what I was looking for and what she was capable of. This is where I started wondering about her reliability. I saw on her facebook that she would be heading to Florida for spring training. Yes, she's a HUGE Twins fan. I was okay with that up until I noticed that she'd be going to the Friday (March 25) game. I wrote a note on her status asking if she could still play. Did she respond? No. Instead she deleted my comment. SOOOOOOO when she finally showed up for dinner, I asked her point blank if she could still play at the wedding on the 26th. Her response? Oh of course, I'll be back by then. I guess I should have called her on her lie but instead she said she'd put together a list of songs for me to choose from. We left that meeting still on good footing. Unfortunately I never heard from her again. I wrote her a couple of times, sent her a text message, but nothing. (Calling would have been worthless because she is actually a busy girl) At that point she was definitely ignoring me because she was constantly updating her facebook statuses.

Though I wanted to believe she would make it, it wasn't until March 23, three days before the wedding, where I was convinced she wasn't going to be at our wedding. She posted a picture of all the tickets she had for her time in Florida. There was one for March 25th and also one for March 27th.

I was really pissed off as you can imagine but kept my composure because I was always intrigued about making our own playlist for songs we'd walk out to and what not (I'd even put it on my to-do list to make a backup cd). Luckily I had also taken her name off the ceremony programs awhile back AND did not include any music other than the processional and recessional.

I really wish this person would have stepped up and let me know sooner that she wouldn't be playing. Though Gary & I made it work, we spent a LOT of time & money making it all happen. We spent precious moments the days leading up to the wedding working on this that I would have much rather spent with family or even just Gary & myself. We spent a good 5 hours Thursday evening (until 1:30am) picking out the music). I spent 2 hours Friday morning (8am-10am) downloading and then realizing that my computer can't burn cds AND then somehow sharing my itunes with Gary's itunes to burn the music on the wrong cds. Of course I didn't know they were the wrong cds until Gary & I were busy decorating Friday afternoon. Because we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, Gary wasn't able to buy the correct cds until 9:30-10p. I spent a good hour or two the night before our wedding without Gary by my side. Luckily, we figured out the right cds to use and it went off without a hitch, but I'm still upset about how much precious time was wasted in the last minutes. This is me taking it off my chest so that I don't have to think about it anymore. I loved every other minute of our wedding so that will trump this.

The last annoyance with this person? All her damn status updates on facebook. It's like she's been flaunting the fact she wasn't here. I'm sorry but how rude.

PS: Thank you for NOT playing at our wedding. Gary & I made our wedding that much more special to us by having chosen our own fun songs to play. Thank you for allowing us to have only those most important at our wedding that actually care. Have a good life but I sure hope you grow up to be a more mature human being that can still be the fun, sassy girl I used to know and appreciate.

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Anonymous said...

How rude! And this is being said in the same tone as Stephanie on Full House:)

I'm glad you didn't let in ruin your day. I couldn't even tell. The whole weekend was perfect! We had a blast!