A Day at Pinter's {2014}

Another trip to Pinter's is in the books! After a few attempts to take the littles out there, we finally landed on what I would consider to be one perfectly sunny fall day. Thank you, October! It has been pretty chilly and windy so I honestly wasn't convinced we'd get a nice weekend.

Unfortunately we were down a few people (a momma, two daddies, a grandpa and an auntie) but we DID have all three kids this year. Little O kept a pretty low profile but I was so excited for Erin and Arya to enjoy everything, and that they did! Of their favorites: the slides, animals and corn pits. I felt terrible when we pulled them away to have lunch. One takeaway - I think corn pits are in all of our futures. Definitely keeps them busy! But next year, let's eat before or after we go! No interrupting their play time!

Disclaimer: Get ready for picture overload! Click on each if you want to see a bigger photo :)

The best we could do with a bunch of wiggly kiddos!

Erin attempted to "Gobble Gobble" with the turkey. It didn't go over so well.


See you next year, Pinter's!

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2013 vs 2014 - Crazy to see how much Erin has grown!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for posting so quickly, looks like it was beautiful day! Can't wait to pick up my baby!!