Roof Update {2} - During!

The During Phase of our roof update was a fun time for the whole family. The boys loved looking at all the equipment and materials, Gspice didn't have to mow, and I got to freak out when I'd hear loud noises when I was in the shower every morning. You know, the usual.

It was actually a pretty easy project to live through. It's not quite living with an interior remodel - Not one bit. We got to go about our daily lives without an issue during the whole thing which was a really nice during such a tough week. The only part I was concerned about was all of the rain but it turned out that we didn't get as much as anticipated.

We have three main areas of roof. There's the roof over the kitchen, the roof over the front porch, and then the roof over the rest of the house. TG Construction tackled it in those three sections and in that order as well. They had to work with a lot of reports of rain but they managed to get it done over four work days.

Below are more fun photos! Again, please ignore the landscaping. My goodness, it's bad. We've got that gorgeous weed garden in the back that's trying to take over our life! needs tackling!

And we can't end the post without one sneaky preview of the finished product! Here's the front roof completed! The machine was left in that spot all weekend because they just had that side left to do on Monday. I tell you, the TG boys work fast!

See the BEFORE here!

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Pleasance Faast said...

You have a beautiful home. I hope everything went well with your roof repairs. I absolutely love the photo of your boys watching the construction truck do its work. My son is obsessed with trucks and I could see him doing exactly the same thing. Good luck with your new roof! I hope it goes well.