Little Mr. {Month One}

Seriously? Our little nugget is ONE MONTH!?!

The time really does fly by.
It doesn't always feel like that.
Especially when I fight to keep my eyeballs open during his 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. feeds...

Owen is such a good baby - he eats well, sleeps well, spits up and vomits well, poops well....you get the picture :-). But seriously, we are so lucky. Owen is really a VERY good baby.

He is slowly becoming more and more alert and has the most adorable baby blues I have ever seen. And his nose! But my absolute favorite - his hands. I cannot get enough of his little fingers. I love the way he grips our fingers while he drinks from his bottle and how sometimes they gently flail around and then other times when they are so soundly laid on his belly. Oh my adorable.

Owen is still in newborn sizes but I'm sure by next month he'll be a little more chunky :-)

Right now, Owen loves his swing, being fed and looking at lights. I love to hold him in front of the front door so he can see the bright lights and snow. Owen doesn't love having to burp, doing tummy time (even though he is a mega rock star!), being completely undressed or changed (though he is managing that better now) or being placed in his car seat (he'll stop crying within seconds of being lifted off the ground though so really, this doesn't count for much).

Can't wait to see what the second month brings!

Oh and here are some photos of our adorable Little Mr.! I didn't notice until I uploaded them all to my computer that his head was turned to the right for almost every picture. My bad! Little man can't exactly control his head yet...

He's pretty cute, don't you agree?!?

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Bridget said...

He is so so cute. Can't wait to see some more of his expressions when he gets a little older :)