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So I am back.  It's been 2 weeks here in Chicago now and to tell you the truth, not much is different about my lifeI still eat loads and loads of pasta, watch all my favorite TV shows (as I am doing right this second. HIMYM is just that awesome) and act like a complete homebody.

However, there are a few things that have indeed changed.
1. I started work at ATHENA!  I am going to love this internship so much!  I didn't do much on Thursday but there is plenty for me to learn and do.  My boss also brought in her daugher of 5 months and let's just say it was the best 8 hours of my life :)  I think it is really amazing that she can bring her baby in 2 days a week and still do her job.  It's something that I hope I will be able to do when I start having a family.

2. I started AND finished my new Michael Connelly book within one day.  Yes, I spent my entire Saturday reading that book.  But to be fair, I am also supposed to read a book for ATHENA (don't worry, it's half done and WILL be done by the end of the day) and then also read for my senior paper AND 3 books for one of my CS classes.  So yes, I spent my entire Saturday reading the Scarecrow, but it was with good reason, not just because it was AWESOME.  I did however have some interestingly scary dreams though.

3. Actually that might be it...

There are also some things that I haven't quite figured out yet.  For this week, it's the damned shower!  It drives me nuts.  So this shower is a normal looking shower in all aspects.  Sure the water pressure could be a bit higher, but that's something I can deal with.  Sure, the shower curtain could go out about another foot so we could actually use the entire shower, but again, that's something I can deal with.  BUT when the water turns deathly hot or deathly cold at random times throughout my showering experience, that is NOT something I can handle!  What am I supposed to do?  The water spurts out everywhere and I have about 2 square feet to move so I am in direct line of that scalding hot/cold water.  Yeah, it's just plain annoying.

 Besides having to take a shower, I hope to hit the library and Ann Taylor. Oh and finish my second book.  :) It'll be a good day.



Amanda said...

good for you...going to the library. There are a couple of people high up that used to work in chicago. How's the library?

Vanessa said...

i ended up not making it to the library because i didn't know which one to choose! any suggestions?