Can Do Attitude

After several conversations around this subject, I've decided to wholeheartedly attack my lazy, defeatist attitude. Why not? It's really all about motivation and having the mentality to NOT be lazy. There are MANY things about myself that I'd love to change and the only thing holding me back is my laziness. I vow to work on that.

Starting yesterday, I've made it a mental note to think about what it is that I want to accomplish and then making the decision to do it, no questions or but's allowed. And? It's working!

Here are some of the things I wanted to do:
1. catch up on my crunches and push-ups - DONE!
2. take our checks to the bank - DONE!
3. buy stamps - DONE!
4. do the dishes - DONE!
5. get up to open the window/shut the window - DONE!
6. brush my teeth before going to bed [yes, sometimes I am too lazy, NOT GOOD!) - DONE!
7. start reading the "Five Love Languages" again - DONE!
8. blog :) - DONE!

These things sound easy enough, right? I'd agree but most days, I'd just let them slip on by as I watched TV or checked my email or watched a movie with Gary. It's so easy to do things that we want to do in the moment and let everything else fall behind. No more :)

In the spirit of not being lazy, I want to offer something to everyone as a Christmas gift. I highly doubt Gary and I will be able to buy gifts for any of you [perhaps only Milly Joyce ;)]. I am offering my services to each and every one of you guys. Is there something you need help with? A big project that needs some tackling? A room that needs painting? Book work that needs to get done? Do you just want a buddy to do something with - exercise, read, sew, cook? Anything. I want YOUR help to stop being lazy. Let me know and we can figure something out :)

Perhaps I should have told Gary about this first... Oh well!


Bridget said...

Grrreat idea! Let me think...I'll get back to you with an idea for us.

Amanda said...

For me, I could use a workout buddy to make sure I do my arm exercises, go for my 1-2 mile walk and probably some other things. Want to do that with me? We could do different exercises.

v.wiest said...

I would love to do that. I, too, need a workout buddy and I can't seem to convince Gary yet to workout. We'll have to think of a clever way to do this to make sure we are actually doing what we say we're doing :)

I'm keeping a log in excel that I update every morning - it's got a running total and then tells me how many more I have to do to make my goal. we could have a google doc or something...

Amanda said...

can you get an app on your phone called endomondo? it will track how far you walk/run/bike, basically whatever. Google docs would work well! How about we start once you are in Decorah. What about November?