Hands off my tapioca pudding.

Yes, this is yet another show I have been completely and utterly fixated with. I love everything about this show even though everything humanly possible happens within just one football season which is completely ridiculous. It doesn't matter. I love it. I love the opening song. It gives me those silly thoughts of the yester-years. and the other part I love? It makes me think back to when Gary and I became friends again which led to our seeing each other which led to us finally becoming a couple. I LOVED that summer. It's weird to think that we are now almost three years later and we're married & expecting. Funny how life just keeeeeps moving :)

Go watch Friday Night Lights. Season 1-4 streams on Netflix and Season 5 is re-playing on NBC every Friday night. Believe me, there is nothing else worth watching on Friday night.

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