food. cravings.

I am craving foods that aren't readily available to me and NOT craving foods that are: ie: pasta (or pasta I normally eat). This is annoying because that is all I have and have the energy to make. What is it that I want?

french fries.
tbocks cheeseburger.
fish and chips.
don jose salsa.
potentially the baked chicken from the Soul Daddy restaurant that opened today at the MOA.
noodles and company.
ok yes, that is pasta, but that pasta is on a whole other level. you know it.

Sadly, this is the top reason why I would like a vehicle. I want to be able to drive somewhere on a whim when I have a craving. :) When we have a little baby to take care of, that will become the top reason why we HAVE the vehicle. I promise.

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