Update Quickie!

It has been way too long since my last post. Sorry, folks. I've either been working, busy with Supernatural, or being lazy. Oh, or eating pasta. Yes, I decided that it was a real waste of day to NOT get excited about what I was eating. I do eat too much pasta, but replacing it with other bread items was simply not worth it. I just need to tone it down and limit how much I'm eating in one sitting and possibly, if I can manage, limit how many times per week I eat pasta. Seriously, how hard could that be? Well.....a little harder when you are lazy. Go figure.

Anyhoo - I started my new job last week. I.love.it.sooooooooo.much. I feel that my training was so thorough and worth my time. I'm new to the healthcare system and what better way to learn about everything than reading. (I'm not even kidding.) I got paid to sit and read for 3-4 days. It was really interesting for the most part too which helped. The people I work with are all really sweet and are taking the time to explain things to me and answer any questions that I have. I couldn't ask for more. I feel like this is a really good fit for me and that is so satisfying. I can't wait to get more comfortable with my daily tasks and know what I'm doing more innately.

Lastly, I am beyond excited to go see Arya, Amanda, and Neil in CA. Working in a hospital and seeing little babies every once in awhile has made my emotions be a little up and down lately with losing Emma but I know that seeing Arya is exactly what I need to keep me really happy and excited for the next few months. I keep getting scared that we are expecting again and to be quite honest, I am NOT ready for that. I don't want to be in a state of mind where I freak out and burst in to tears just thinking about what could go wrong with development and what not. I want to be cautiously nervous but excited and we're just not there yet. And besides, my maternity leave benefits won't kick in for a year. That works for me :)

That is all! I'll be busy/gone the next few days so I'll check in next week with PICTURES GALORE of the Heller family. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

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Linda Oelrich said...

Hey, you are on the right path of healing. Have fun In San Diego, and yeah for pictures. i want copys when you get them. Love ya, Mom