No-Pasta Challenge = so far so good!

It is day two of my no-pasta challenge and so far so good. I'm not yet craving pasta but am having difficulties thinking of easy lunch recipes on the fly. Pasta has always been my go-to for those days where I wasn't really in the mood for anything but or just am plain lazy. It's so easy to whip up some pasta and add just about anything to make it good. Seriously, one day I added olive oil, tabasco and mozzarella and it was darn tasty. And with pinterest giving me fun new pasta recipes, there are just so many I want to try.

That being said, I'm also not a soup, salad or sandwich girl. BUT I think if I'm going to succeed in this no-pasta challenge, I'm going to HAVE to be a soup, salad or sandwich girl. I am hoping to put smoothies in that list but I don't have access to my blenders. Yes, ALL my blenders are tightly packed away in the deep dark trailer in Strawberry Village. Until Gary and I find a place, that is where they will stay. Sad.

Here's a recap of my days so far:

Feb 1
B - none
L - Turkey & Pepperjack Grilled Cheese sandwich
D - Tomato Bisque and some leftover meatballs

Feb 2

B - none
L - Bubba Gump Shrimp (!) So lovely! This would make an excellent addition to some cajun pasta...

Clearly, I'm seriously lacking in fruits and veggies. I plan to make sure I eat some of BOTH in each one of my meals. Tomorrow? I'm really excited about the cucumber and kiwi I bought :)

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